Defensive Driving: 5 Ways to Prevent Car Accidents in Tampa, FL

car accidents in Tampa

People believe that they are safe and good drivers. According to a study, about 76% of people believe that they are better at driving than others. But are people using defensive driving techniques and doing everything in their power to stop and prevent car accidents? If we use some good driving techniques and keep our mind focused, we can do our part and keep people around us safe along with ourselves by learning ways to prevent car accidents in Tampa.

Most of the time the accidents are not even someone’s fault, they might just be inevitable. Sometimes it might be because of the other person’s negligence so you should not always blame yourselves when a misfortune like a car accident strikes you, as it might be out of your control.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a statistical projection of traffic deaths for 2019 indicates that approximately 36,120 people lost their lives to motor vehicle crashes. This new data also demonstrates that nine out of ten regions are estimated to have lower traffic fatalities in 2019.

Following are the things that everyone should keep in mind while driving, in order to avoid any type of car accidents in Tampa:

1. Tampa Accident Lawyers Recommend Following All Laws and Posted Signs:

Although, this is one of the most obvious points, yet it is an important part of driving that everyone follows traffic signs to prevent any kind of mishap. Most people engage themselves in some kind of unsafe activity while driving that can be harmful to them along with other drivers.

There is always a speed limit posted in some areas and they are there for a reason. People should keep their speeds according to the limit. Neighborhoods having schools near them always have a slow speed limit so people should stay more attentive in those areas. Even on the highways, speed limits matter because a high-speed accident can sometimes be fatal or can cause an injury. Driving at an average speed gives more time to think and handle the situation.

2. Stay Out of the Passing Lane:

The passing lane is not the major lane and no one should drive in that lane. Increasing your speed for overtaking someone from the passing lane is acceptable but over speeding in that lane in order to reach your destination can create dangerous circumstances. It is always safe to drive at the rightmost or center lane and if you want to pass, make sure you pass from the left instead of the right.

3. Use Defensive Driving to Save Yourself from Bad Situations:

Sometimes, while you are on the road, some other person will be exploiting traffic rules and regulations and putting everyone in danger so it is still your job to keep yourself safe despite the situation. To keep yourself safe, take precautionary steps to avoid accidents. If you see someone driving fast, do not provoke them, slow down your car instead of driving according to the speed limit. Secondly, if you find someone road-raging, it is advised that you stop your car and let that driver pass you.

Thirdly, if you find yourself driving along any truck, give them space so that they can pass easily. Also on highways, always remember that trucks have different blind spots as compared to your vehicle. Lastly, if you feel uncomfortable in any situation while driving, like in the rain or during the night, do not drive at all.

4. Avoid Distractions While Driving to Avoid Car Accidents in Tampa, FL:

The most common type of distraction nowadays is cell phones. People tend to use their phones while driving or while standing at the red light which is a very dangerous practice. You should always avoid this practice. Moreover, avoid eating food while driving and ensure that the children, if any, are properly strapped to their seats so that you are not distracted while driving.

5. Always Assume the Worst:

One of the best things to keep in mind is to always think of the unimaginable that could happen to you if you are not careful enough while driving.

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