Adjusting to Life with an Amputation After a Wreck

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Limb amputations are far more common than most people realize, but car accident-related amputations are relatively uncommon. For those who can survive a car accident, but still sustain this traumatic and disfiguring injury, the adjustment period can be a huge shock. Many people never give much consideration to the chances that they’ll lose an arm, leg, finger, or even a toe. But traumatic amputation does happen, and it can create lifelong disability.

Depending on the damage to the tissue and your rehabilitation, you can go on to live a largely independent life. However, not everyone who experiences a traumatic injury such as amputation is able to bounce back into their daily routines. Many people that live with prosthetics lead very fulfilling lives; you just need to get through this adjustment period. Contact our Florida accident attorneys if you need any help.

Surprising Stats About Prosthetics

There are just over 2 million people in the United States living with limb amputations, which works out to be one in every 200 people. What is surprising is that car accidents are the top reason for traumatic amputations or the loss of a limb later in life. Other causes of traumatic amputations include vascular disease, congenital issues, and cancer.

What is unfortunate is most of the time, limb and digit amputation in a car accident does not happen during the crash but is the only course of treatment for severe injury. When a limb or digit is crushed in a car accident, it may be crushed past the point of repair period in these cases your medical team may have made the decision to remove the limb.

Finally, many people are alarmed to know that the risk of amputation increases with age. Not only does it increase with age because of illnesses and conditions that lead to amputation, but largely because of car accidents.

Finding the Right Prosthetic for You

Not all prosthetics are made equal, and often the insurance provided prosthetic is not fit to your needs. What you can do is request a referral from your medical team to a prosthetist. A prosthetist will review your individual needs and body size and type to help ensure that the prosthesis works best for you.

Prosthetics come in many different types and fits, and for many new amputees, it’s unclear where you should begin. Before meeting with a prosthetist, you will want to lay out a clear list of your once, it needs and experiences with any prosthetic you encountered so far. You can also get help from the amputee coalition.

Understanding What You Can Include in Your Claim

You can include all of your medical expenses in your claim, and that should include the cost of your prosthetic. Well, your recovery is not reliant on a prosthetic, your return to normal life maybe.

It is more important, however, to include things beyond your prosthetic in your claim. You may have experienced extreme economic damage through property damage in medical bills, but you may have many more non-economic elements to claim. The loss of a limb is a disfigurement, and you can include that in your lawsuit. Additionally, the loss of limb may close you off from participating in certain careers or hobbies that were important to you before the accident.

Both economic and non-economic damages play a substantial role in your PIP claim, as well as any lawsuit that you take out against the driver who caused your accident. You should carefully review what you might include in your claim with your Tampa car accident attorneys. They can help you understand where the line is for non-economic damages and your chances of achieving a full settlement.

File With Winters Yonker, Your Local Tampa Car Accident Lawyers

Anyone who loses a limb or a digit in a car accident likely has a case a period even in Tampa where people referred to file claims through their personal injury protection plans it is possible to take a lawsuit against the driver. The driver who was responsible for the crash and for your injuries might have some role to play in your crash resolution.

With Winters Yonker, You can explore all of your legal options that come with a crash and understand where your personal injury protection coverage ends and where you can move forward with a civil action against the driver. In Florida, you do have the right to sue in the event that there was carelessness or apparent negligence on the part of the driver.

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