Too Anxious to Drive After a Car Accident

Anxiety After a Car Accident

It may seem difficult to understand your medical stance after the crash. Many people suffer from anxiety after a car accident that can prevent them from doing things like going to the grocery store or getting to work.

But these are medical elements of your wreck and are just as valid as something you could see, such as a cut or broken bone. A car crash attorney in Tampa, FL can help explain if fault has anything to do with your wreck.

Anxiety After a Car Accident, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Fear of driving can set in at any age and at any point in time, but it is common to experience anxiety or a bit of fear with driving after a wreck. Especially after a bad crash or being injured, it is very reasonable to be afraid of getting behind the wheel again.

However, if you were never prone to anxiety or were in a particularly violent or traumatizing wreck, then you may have something different. If you physically can’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle, then you should talk to a mental health professional about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

When is Anxiety a Diagnosable Health Concern?

It’s very normal to experience anxiety, and everyone experiences the uncomfortable rush from time to time. The issue is when it’s uncontrollable and persistent. There are many different anxiety disorders, and some of them occur because of a traumatic life event. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder was mentioned briefly above. However, that is not an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorder includes panic disorder or panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder or GAD. When you look at these disorders, often, there is an underlying change in your life and the ability to perform everyday activities.

On a larger scale, anxiety disorders are much less common than they may appear, with only about 18% of the U.S. experiencing anxiety disorders over the course of a year. That is less than one person in a group of five.

If you believe that your anxiety is crippling and stopping you from living a normal life, then you should pursue a specialist. While a family doctor may acknowledge that you have anxiety, in a general sense, they should not be the one to provide a diagnosis. As with any other organ, you want a specialist is handling delicate diagnoses, which means that you should talk to a psychiatrist.

If You Have Anxiety After a Car Accident, Will You Ever Be Able to Drive Again?

Barring any physical issues with driving again, you should be able to get behind the wheel again, even if you have PTSD or an anxiety after a car accident. People with both can experience anxiety or stress daily but learn coping skills and use necessary medication to overcome daily challenges. For those involved in that element of your recovery, you may talk with them about how to begin driving again.

You might want to start out as a passenger or to go through a defensive driving training program to build your confidence again. It may be helpful to have someone that you know is a safe driver in the vehicle with you at first to ease your worries. In many situations, you will need to get out there and simply “do” it.

When Resolving Your Claim, Involve a Car Accident Lawyer from Tampa

When you’re in a wreck, it may seem as if there is a long list of things that you could or should have done in response. But working with an attorney can give you some perspective. They work with crash recreation experts frequently and can help you understand that it may have been impossible to make those decisions in the split seconds leading up to your wreck.

Getting an auto wreck law firm in Tampa involved can ensure that your crash is handled locally. It is also the best way to manage your case with someone in control that has your best interests in mind. You are in control when you have an attorney, whereas you are not in control when you’re just relying on the claims process.

For resolving your claim, you need someone that understands how these companies work and how you can get the most out of your claim. To get started and to take control, meet with a local Tampa wreck attorney. You can learn more about your claim options and what you can include that your insurance company may not have told you about. Contact Winters & Yonker now to meet with a qualified Tampa car wreck attorney.

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