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Whenever a truck accident occurs, the people in the other vehicles are the ones who are most affected. Quite often many of the victims suffer very serious injuries. If you were in a truck accident in Florida, you need to immediately seek compensation. Filing a claim is not always a straightforward process since truck accidents often involved a number of different entities. However, with assistance from an experienced and skilled Bayonet Point truck accident lawyer, you can receive the compensation that you deserve.

When seeking compensation for a truck crash, your first choice of lawyers should be Winters & Yonker. Our firm has more than 20 years of experience handling personal injury cases, and we don’t charge anything unless we win your case. Call or contact us online today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Truck Accident Statistics

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) added Florida with other 9 states as having the highest numbers of fatal truck accidents within the U.S. Every year in the count, there are 450,000 truck accidents or more that occur.

Trucks are far larger and heavier than cars, so car passengers are more likely to be seriously hurt or even killed in a collision with a truck. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), passenger vehicle occupants made up ninety-six percent of those killed in crashes involving a passenger vehicle and a large truck in 2018.

What Steps Should You Take After You Are in a Truck Accident?

The steps you take after you are in a truck accident is what will determine whether your claim is approved or not. However, your wellbeing is critical, so do not compromise it simply to receive a claim. If you can leave a truck accident without suffering major injuries and are able to understand what is occurring, take the following steps.

Call the Police

Law enforcement personnel should properly document the accident. The written statement made by the police is critical. Your attorney will use it to help to identify who the responsible party is when a jury is involved. If any of the accident victims are hurt, help out while waiting for the first responders to get to the accident scene.

An attorney reviewing a truck accident claim.

Gather Information

You should also gather information from the accident scene. Collect such information as the truck’s registration and insurance information. Also, take photos of the accident scene, capturing the most important aspect to help with your claim. Take photos of the truck and car positions on the road, skid marks, the vehicle wreck, and any road obstacles.

Get Medical Help

Be sure to get medical help after the first responders have arrived on the scene. Do not assume you are fine since you could have experienced a severe impact that could cause internal bleeding. Make sure to get the finest medical care and that this is documented properly for your claim.

Call a Lawyer

To get your claim process started, call a Bayonet Point truck accident attorney at Winters & Yonker. We can immediately start to work on your case.

What Are the Laws in Bayonet Point That Cover Truck Accident Liability?

There are stricter laws covering truck drivers compared to other types of drivers out on the road. They are in a position to reduce the high possibility of fatal truck accidents out on the road. Depending on the weight of their truck, a truck driver is required to carry $50,000 minimum in insurance coverage.

Trucks transporting hazardous substances need to carry a minimum of $5 million in property and personal liability coverage. Truck drivers also are required to obey all traffic laws, like all of the other drivers out on the road. To help prevent collisions, they should stay in designated lanes on all major highways.

How Can a Truck Accident Attorney Help?

If you or a family member was in a truck accident recently, it is important that you have time to recuperate. You may not be ready to immediately handle your compensation claim. This is where the most dependable Bayonet Point truck accident attorneys can help you. The best choice for handling your claim and guaranteeing that you receive the compensation that you deserve is Winters & Yonker.

After you have hired us, we will investigate the accident to get the process started. We will gather all of the relevant facts associated with the accident. We also will use everything you gathered at the accident scene to develop the best argument to use for your case. We will start to work on your claim after we have collected a sufficient amount of evidence.

Due diligence is required when filing a claim since many claims are rejected. We are very experienced attorneys and will collect all of the necessary documents that are required for filing a claim. We understand that litigation is not required for all cases, so we will attempt to negotiate with the other parties that are involved in order to resolve your case amicably. The insurance company will offer a settlement amount. However, we only accept it when we are sure that it is the right and just amount of compensation. If the insurance company does not offer the amount of compensation that you deserve. we then will move on to litigation.

If the insurance company and our firm are unable to reach an agreement, we are prepared to go to court and represent you. We have faced numerous insurance companies in court and are prepared to do that for your case as well, if necessary. In court, we will present all of the relevant facts to the jury and ensure you are awarded the right amount of compensation for you.

What Kinds Of Compensation Can You Receive Following A Truck Accident?

There are 3 different kinds of compensation that you may be eligible for. They include the following:


This type of compensation covers all of your losses that have a monetary value. They include vehicle damages, medical fees, and rehabilitation expenses.


This compensation covers any losses where a specific monetary value cannot be assigned. it is difficult to predict the precise amount that will be used. Therefore, it can only be estimated. Some losses are included here include recurrent rehabilitation fees and future medical expenses.


These damages are awarded to punish the at-fault party for egregious behavior. They are often awarded when someone does not survive the accident.

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Are There Deadlines For Filing A Claim Following A Truck Accident?

In the state of Florida, a personal injury claim for a truck accident needs to be filed within four years. The claim should be filed as soon as possible, while the facts are fresh within your mind.

Who Is Liable For A Truck Accident?

There can be multiple parties involved in truck accident claims, which makes them complex. For example, a truck may not be owned by the company that is currently using it. Instead, a trucking company might own it. In certain situations, a freight management company handles loading and off-loading from the truck.

Any of those entities could be liable if the truck accident was caused by their negligence. For example, a freight company may not follow all of the required safety measures while loading a truck and cause an accident. In this instance, the company will be liable. A driver not following traffic rules which result in an accident will be responsible.

Any compensation claim will identify the responsible party and cause of the accident. After the negligent party has been identified, they will be held liable.

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Truck accident law in Florida is very complex, and this is why you need the finest lawyers to help you. Keep in mind that when an accident occurs, the other parties involved will be hiring the finest lawyers to represent them. Give Winters & Yonker a call today. We are the best truck accident attorneys in Bayonet Point to help you with your case.

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