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Florida PIP (Personal Injury Protection): FAQ

Florida PIP (Personal Injury Protection): FAQ

If you own a car in Florida, you may have been told that you have to get PIP coverage. PIP policies add a few hundred dollars a year to your premiums, so why do you have to pay that money? What is PIP and how does it work?

PIP benefits can be confusing, and many Florida residents aren’t sure how to get that money. Read on to discover the answers to some frequently asked questions about PIP insurance and learn what you need to do to get your claim approved.

What Is PIP?

Personal injury protection insurance, or PIP, is insurance coverage designed to help you cover your costs in the event of a personal injury. Often after an injury, accident victims find themselves drowning in medical bills they have no way to pay. Since they can’t go back to work until they recover, they have no income to cover those expenses.

PIP helps to bridge that gap until the victim can get back on their feet. It covers medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs associated with a victim’s care.

What Does It Cover?

PIP insurance helps to cover your medical expenses and lost income during your recovery period. If you have minimum coverage, it can pay for up to 80 percent of

  • Hospital bills
  • Physical therapy expenses
  • Home health care costs
  • Medication expenses

This insurance can also cover up to 60 percent of your lost wages, with a cap of $10,000.

Is PIP Required in Florida?

Florida is a no-fault state, meaning that they don’t consider who was at fault in a car accident. This has allowed the state to cut down on the processing time for insurance claims and keep more claims out of court. Since accident victims may not be able to as readily cover their expenses without liability settlements, Florida made PIP mandatory for all drivers.

How Much Does PIP Cost?

Your PIP cost will depend on the deductible level you choose, but overall, it will add between $300 and $400 to your annual car insurance cost. That works out to about $30 extra per month. A lower deductible will cost closer to $400 a year, while a higher deductible will be closer to $300.

Do I Have to See a Doctor to Get PIP Benefits?

Before you file a PIP claim, you’ll need to see a doctor to determine the severity of your injuries. In order to be eligible for PIP benefits, you have to see a doctor within fourteen days of your accident. It is important to note that your treatment does not have to end within fourteen days of the accident – you just have to see a doctor in that time frame.

What Kind of Doctors Count?

Almost any sort of doctor will fit the requirements for PIP benefits. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you can see an MD, a DO, a dentist, a hospital, or an EMS service. Acupuncturists and massage therapists are not covered under PIP benefits, but chiropractic care can be.

What Is an Emergency Medical Condition?

In order to get full PIP benefits, your doctor has to determine that you have an emergency medical condition (EMC). 

An EMC is officially defined as “A medical condition manifesting itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity, which may include severe pain or other acute symptoms, such that the absence of immediate medical attention could reasonably be expected to result in any of the following:

1. Serious jeopardy to the health of a patient, including a pregnant woman or a fetus.

2. Serious impairment to bodily functions.

3. Serious dysfunction of any bodily organ or part.”

In simpler terms, an EMC is a medical condition that puts you in serious danger if you don’t get medical attention right away.

How Much Money Do I Get Without an EMC?

If you don’t have an EMC, you can still get some PIP coverage. But instead of the full $10,000 benefit, you’ll only receive $2,500 without the EMC diagnosis. However, you can receive an EMC diagnosis outside the fourteen-day window for medical attention – as long as you started treatment within that time frame, you’re covered.

How Do I File a Claim?

As soon as possible after your accident, get in touch with your insurer and let them know you’re going to need PIP benefits. You’ll probably need to file your claim within that fourteen-day window in order to get it approved. Your insurer will be able to tell you what documents you’ll need to submit with your claim.

What Happens After I Max Out My PIP?

Unfortunately, in our medical system, $10,000 isn’t a lot of money to cover medical expenses. If you max out your PIP benefits and still need extra coverage, you may be able to get a liability settlement. Talk to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident to see what sort of compensation you might be entitled to.

Get a Fair Settlement in Your Case

Personal injury protection insurance (PIP) can help to cover some of your expenses after an accident when you can’t get a liability settlement. PIP is mandatory for all Florida drivers, and it can cover either just you or everyone in your household. In order to get PIP benefits, you have to see a doctor within fourteen days of your accident.

If your PIP benefits aren’t covering your expenses and someone else is responsible for your injuries, you could be entitled to compensation. Our lawyers can stand up to the insurance companies and make sure you get the money you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss the details of your case.

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