Car Accident Apps? What You Need to Know

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There’s an app for everything, right? Well now, there are multiple apps available for a car accident resolution, Insurance handling, and getting immediate resources to car crash victims. But as usual, not all apps are made equal. There are a wide variety of differences between each app, and given your insurance provider, some apps may be better for you than others.

Here is everything you need to know about the most popular apps people turn to when they are in a car accident. It’s always best to have these apps on your phone well ahead of time. Some of these apps are meant to report car accidents the moment they happen and can do so without any or with very little interaction from the driver. If you don’t have one of these apps on your phone already, make sure that you put one on your phone in the near future. Contact our Florida car accident attorneys for more information.

Insurance Provider Apps

It seems like every insurance provider has an app. Now some of these apps are meant purely for informational purposes. They hold Insurance ID information and can make it very easy to give your information to another driver at a crash scene. However, others serve a different purpose.

  • Esurance has an app which allows their users to take accident photos and store them directly with their insurance company. They also have a crash assistant, which will simply connect to you with one of their representatives. Take caution and talk to insurance representatives immediately after a crash as you may unintentionally say something that can reduce your compensation.
  • Allstate, are you in good hands? This mobile app offers accident support but does not allow people to take photos directly into the insurance company system.
  • State Farm, known as the “pocket agent.” The Pocket Agent app allows you to quickly access your insurance ID, and driver info, but it also tries to connect you with an agent.
  • Progressive uses an app that calls in roadside assistance, locates nearby service centers, and lets you take photos of the crash scene. As with the other apps, it also attempts to connect you with an agent.


SOSmart was among the first of its kind, and it’s available still on both iPhone and Android systems. This app uses an ongoing measurement of G-Force to determine when a crash happens. Dropping your phone in the car or slamming on your brakes won’t set off an emergency call. But a sudden change in G-Force that comes with a car collision would.

Users need to turn on this app before they start driving, so it’s not always running on your phone. Many users report that they really enjoy the extra features such as being able to use the app while riding a motorcycle or even a bicycle. Additionally, you can use the app settings to send a text message or make an emergency call to friends and family in the event of a crash.

The highlight of this app is that it contacts emergency dispatch immediately. Upon the event of a collision, the app will notify emergency services in your area and make an emergency call for you. The app uses GPS to accommodate these features.
AxiKit Accident Reporting

Do you remember your first accident? Or every accident after when the crash happens, and your mind goes completely blank on what to do next? AxiKit helps drivers know what to do in the crash resolution process. The app has guides on what each step calls for after a crash and how to avoid making common mistakes.

The app itself also helps people at the crash site go through elements of evidence Gathering that are often forgotten. It has a tutorial on how to gather witness testimony but also lets users take witness testimony through voice recording in the app and a photo checklist.

Resources for After the Crash: Local Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer

A Tampa auto accident lawyer should provide a wealth of resources to victims that come to them for help. At Winters & Yonker, we do everything within our power to ensure that victims have access to experts, evidence resources, well-founded legal advice, and much more. We believe it’s our job to help the victims in Florida realize that their Personal Injury Protection plan may not be their only option. Additionally, even with a PIP plan, you may need to argue or negotiate for fair compensation.

Reaching out to us at Winters & Yonker isn’t about taking aggressive legal action, it’s about getting the resources you need for a fair chance at compensation for your injuries. Don’t hesitate to get help.

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