Accidents on Park Grounds

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Tampa plays host to Busch Gardens, ZooTampa, and Adventure Island. That leaves a lot of opportunity for fun-filled days to lead to ruin accidents on park grounds. However, are you in some way liable for your own injuries? Does getting on a ride that has virtually no exterior protection other than a small car and buckle-down seat means you should know the risks? Absolutely not. You take your family to an amusement park for a day of fun, not to have someone go to the emergency room.

Work with a Tampa, Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Pursuing legal action against an amusement park is a very hard process especially without a Tampa personal injury lawyer. When you’re dealing with a personal injury case, there is not usually anyone questioning if you have legal ground. The questions that come up, however, involve risk, choice, and liability.

Then once you do answer those questions, you have to face the park’s team of legal experts. Their legal staff lives for the days when they have to come to the defense of the park. You need someone on your side who’s willing to put in the same amount of fight and effort to protect you.

Negligence, Reasonable Care, and Liability

The first struggle that many faces after an amusement park injury, or even death, is identifying liability. The parks involved will often put the liability on the victim. Although we’ve come a long way from victim-shaming, amusement parks haven’t caught on and still continue the practice.

The most common argument is that the injured rider knew of the risks when the boarded the ride. They knew that they would travel at high speeds in dangerous physical configurations and still chose to ride. However, every amusement park markets its signs as “safe” or else they would surely be out of business.

You need to work to prove liability on the part of the park or the park’s employees. That gives the amusement park another out, however, to show that their employee took actions which were not in accordance with their procedures. Clearly, amusement parks don’t want to pay out in these cases. But the lengths they go to in order to avoid making a payment is unreasonable.

Proving negligence is a big part of personal injury cases — however, there are other aspects too, such as reasonable care. Many amusement parks will argue that their maintenance and response to complaints is enough reasonable care that they should’ have to do more. Negligence would be proving that the coaster or ride needed maintenance and did not receive it. While reasonable care may note that the park did routine maintenance but did not check for certain areas which led to the accident.

Don’t Take Settlements Without Guidance

When an amusement park makes a settlement offer, you need to be careful. It’s common that they’ll make a very low settlement in exchange for you agreeing not to sue them again. That’s their sure way of making sure that they pay the minimum amount without actually having to go to court.

Never accept a settlement in a personal injury case without consulting an attorney first. Keep in mind that these settlements probably won’t cover your expenses, medical bills, or time lost at work. Additionally, many of these settlements won’t consider your future medical costs and expenses.

Have a Personal Injury Attorney from Tampa, FL Fight Your Case

These parks, even small water parks, have teams of attorneys at the ready. You need someone who will step up and fight for you. Fina a Tampa personal injury lawyer that will fight aggressively to get you the maximum settlement possible. Without proper representation, you’d be lucky to get anything at all. Whereas a proper lawyer can help you build a strong case, compile your medical bills, and bring in experts to value your claim.

They should help you find the evidence from the park and collect evidence in a way that shows the strength of your claim. They should also help you identify all of your losses. If you were unable to travel back home and missed a flight and lost the cost of that airline ticket, you should include that in your compensation.

Reach Out to a Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa Quickly 

When you’re ready to get started on your claim, contact one of the best injury law firms in Florida. Our lawyers are familiar with working against large companies and winning. Contact us to find out the strength of your case and the proper value of your claim.

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