Head Injury? Seek Medical Care!

It’s no surprise that any head injury can have serious consequences. From concussions and skull fractures to traumatic brain injury, head injuries can cause permanent damage. There are numerous causes for head injuries, but one common piece of advice. If you or a loved one have sustained a serious head injury, seek medical care immediately.

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The Importance of Medical Care After a Head Injury

After receiving a gash to the head or being involved in a serious car accident, it is generally clear that you should receive medical care. However, too often, head injuries are ignored. Some people may not think to take their child, who was the victim of a rough tackle in a football game, to have their head checked out, taking the signs of concussion as just a bit of dizziness or getting the wind knocked out of them. Employees may be reticent to head to the ER after a fall where they banged their head on the ground, not wanting to miss work.  

Whatever the situation, a head injury must be taken seriously. Your skull protects one of your most vital organs—the one that makes you distinctly you—your brain. Any injury that could potentially harm it should be cause for alarm. Some injuries may not be readily apparent and signs may not show until hours or days later.

Dizziness, behavioral changes, differently sized pupils, sudden sleepiness, any signs of potential paralysis, vomiting, and loss of consciousness after a head injury require immediate care. Other head injuries should be monitored for later onset of symptoms.

Legal Liability and Head Injuries

While some head injuries can be attributed to accidental causes or our own natural clumsiness, others may be due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. When a head injury is caused because of someone else’s action, there is a chance they can be held legally liable.

In personal injury cases, in order to show that a defendant should be held responsible for another’s injuries, it is necessary to show that they are legally liable because they had a responsibility to act in a particular way and failed to do so. For example, when driving, we all are responsible for controlling and directing our vehicles in a safe manner while complying with traffic laws. Driving while distracted or intoxicated endangers the lives and property of others and fails to live up to our legal responsibility. Therefore, if we hurt someone or cause damage to someone’s property because of our reckless or negligent driving, then we may be held legally liable in a court of law.

For head injuries, legal liability may pertain to other motorists, sports programs, property owners, and employers, among others. The best way to determine whether someone else may be legally liable for your injuries is to consult with a Tampa head injury lawyer.

Consulting with a Tampa Head Injury Lawyer

When a serious head injury is due to someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to pay the mountain of medical bills that accompany it. Consulting with a skilled Tampa head injury lawyer with experience fighting for his client’s needs is a must. Whether you sustained a head injury in a motorcycle accident or at work, speaking with a knowledgeable Tampa personal injury lawyer can help you better understand whether you may be eligible for compensation.

You are not alone. Speak with a Tampa head injury lawyer today to learn more about your options. Let us fight for your right to compensation while you focus on the important work of healing.

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