Seeking Legal Advice After a Spinal Cord Injury

Your spinal cord is responsible for sending information back and forth from your brain and the rest of the nerves in your body. Damage to the vertebral column can negatively impact your spinal cord and change your life forever. Spinal cord injuries have long-ranging effects and often require extensive medical care. The cost of this care can be exorbitant and many insurance companies balk at having to pay for accidents that require a high payout. If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury and are having difficulty receiving compensation from an insurer or a negligent party, consulting a skilled Tampa spinal cord injury lawyer can help.

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Reasons to Seek Legal Advice for a Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is housed with the vertebral column, making any kind of back injury dangerous. Severe spinal cord injuries may be caused by slip and falls, vehicular accidents, defective products, assaults, and more. A spinal cord injury can lead to partial paralysis (paraplegia and triplegia) or full paralysis (tetraplegia or quadriplegia). These injuries will require various degrees of lifelong care and can lead to further problems.

As previously mentioned, a spinal cord injury can change your life or the life of a loved one. Associated medical care can be costly, especially for those individuals who have been grievously injured. Thankfully, our justice system protects victims by allowing those who have been harmed due to someone else’s negligence to sue for damages.

Too many spinal cord injuries occur because of avoidable accidents. It is estimated that car accidents lead to approximately 42% of the 12,000 spinal cord injuries that happen every year. Another 27% is attributable to falls such as slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, or construction accidents.

Treating injuries from these accidents is costly. Injured individuals who suffer from partial paralysis can incur over $100,000 in medical expenses in the first year after their injury alone. For individuals who are completely paralyzed because of a spinal cord injury, medical expenses can top $400,000 in the first year. On top of medical expenses, injured parties must frequently deal with a loss of income and other associated debts.

When such a serious injury is caused by someone else’s negligence, legal action can help lessen the burden. If you or a loved one has experienced a spinal cord injury because of someone else’s reckless driving or failure to provide a safe workplace or public space, legal action through the tort system can help. A skilled Tampa spinal cord injury lawyer can help win compensation from insurers or the negligent party to cover the hospitalization, lost wages, and future medical. The best way to understand what an attorney can do for you is to speak with a trained Tampa spinal cord injury lawyer.

Consulting with a Tampa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Winters & Yonkers is committed to fighting for personal injury victims in Tampa, Florida. With years of experience working to get our clients compensation through the court system, we’ve honed our techniques to ensure our injured clients receive the care they need. In addition, we work with life care planners, health care specialists, and economists to help our clients better assess their future medical needs and plan accordingly as we fight for fair and just compensation.

Don’t face a hesitant insurance company alone. If an insurer is making you jump through hoops or has denied your valid claim, it’s time to hire a Tampa spinal cord injury lawyer who will fight for you and your rights. Likewise, if you believe that a negligent party is responsible for your injuries, allow us to handle your claim for the greatest chance of success.

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