Injuries From A Car Crash On Private Property


Parking lots, private roads, and your friend’s yard all count as private property. So what happens when there’s a car wreck in these areas? While most drivers know what to do when a crash happens on a public street, handling car crash on private property is a little different.

Most accidents on private property are minor. Meaning that many people don’t even report them to their insurance provider. But in the case of an injury from a car wreck on private property, you’ll need to tread carefully. An auto accident attorney in Tampa can help you understand what to do next.

Instances of Property Owner Liability

In many of these cases, the property owner may be partially liable for the injury. If you were pulling out of a driver and a dead tree limb fell on your car, the owner is liable. These cases might sound rare, but they happen every day.

Crashes on any private property simply don’t get the same amount of reporting because people try to handle the issue privately. You should not try to keep this matter between you and the property owner.

Reporting the Accident

When it comes to reporting these accidents, it seems like there’s no one to call. That’s definitely not the case.

First, call your insurance company, you were in the car when the injury happened which meant that it was an injury from a car crash. Second, if you fail to report it, you will have a difficult time explaining your side of the story in court. Finally, contact the police to file a crash report.

If the owner of the property is not available, you’ll need to inform them of the accident as well. This is often the case when it comes to parking lot accidents. The best way to contact the owner to find the security assigned to the area. Flagging them down will initiate a report on their end that will get to the owner and their insurance.

Getting Medical Help For Injuries

Whenever necessary, call for emergency services. Car accidents on private property don’t often require the use of an ambulance, but it does happen from time to time. If you don’t feel like an ambulance is necessary, you still need to seek medical attention at an urgent care center.

Minor crashes can still result in long term back pain, issues with neck pain, and even brain injury. Not every crash results in obvious cuts and bruising. If you feel sore the next day and had decided not to see a doctor after the crash, schedule an appointment for as soon as possible.

Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa

Deciding who is responsible and helping you recover the cost of damages and medical bills is why you need a lawyer. Property owners will be quick to obtain a lawyer and shut down any attempt to collect.

Additionally, there may be gaps in your insurance coverage that leaves you with expensive medical bills and no payout. Often people who suffer injuries on private property need help from an attorney. It’s probably your only fighting chance to get some help in putting your life back together.

Property owners can become defensive. They may make it difficult or even impossible to acquire information or resolve the dispute. Usually, they take this stance believing that they won’t have to pay you anything.

Alternatively, they could offer you a very low settlement. Don’t take a settlement and don’t try to fight a private property owner on your own.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Florida

Before anything else, file a police report. Even if the Tampa police claim that they don’t have to or that it’s not necessary, push for that report to go through. Then seek medical help. The faster you can see a doctor the more quickly you can be on your way to recover.

Then before anything else, reach out to our Florida injury lawyers. Having an attorney review your case and provide a consultation can let you know how this situation might play out. After speaking with an attorney, you can contact your insurance company and begin processing your claim.

Too often insurance companies make it difficult to process claims that you started before hiring a lawyer. When it comes to auto accident injuries, you can’t hope that your insurance company has your best interest in mind. Hire a lawyer that you know is working for you.

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