What Is Considered a Catastrophic Injury in Florida?

catastrophic injury in Florida

Many accidents happen and they may lead to a catastrophic injury in Florida. Some of them have major injuries whereas others have minor ones. Severe injuries that sometimes occur in an accident are known as catastrophic injuries. These injuries can stay with the victim forever. Catastrophic injuries in Florida could lead to permanent disability and for a victim’s mental health, these injuries are stressful and put a negative effect on their life.

If you have sustained major injuries, and they have led to a deformity in your body, then you have suffered a catastrophic injury. When a person loses a vital part of their body or faces physical challenges due to an accident, that would be a catastrophe for the victim. Such medical issues after an accident will get you fair compensation for the loss.

In 2019 alone, The U.S. faced 48.3 million injuries. One can imagine how common these injuries are.

What Constitutes Catastrophic Injuries in Florida:

If you have a damage claim against a catastrophic injury, your injury attorney would be able to recover compensation for your past and future medical bills. This includes live-in care, physical therapy, lost wages, or even the emotional distress that you are suffering from. A regular personal injury claim is not worth a catastrophic injury claim.

You may be able to claim those injuries if a Tampa, Florida personal injury attorney would help you. A catastrophic injury would be something that severely and permanently affected the victim. There is a complete list of catastrophic injuries that one can have a look at. Those injuries include; serious brain injuries, fractures (skull and bone), damaged spinal cord, paralysis, loss of limb, extreme burns, and eye or ear injury.

Such a catastrophic injury in Florida is related to road accidents, that can happen with a car, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, or pedestrian. However, a catastrophic injury in Florida like this is not limited to those circumstances and can happen in other accidents as well.

Clarity Between a Personal Injury and a Catastrophic Injury in Florida

The main difference between a catastrophic injury and a personal injury is that the latter could be minor injuries and you can claim for it. However, for a catastrophic injury, the severe injuries need to be shown as evidence to the insurance adjuster. Also, the financial recovery of catastrophic injuries in Florida is more than other personal injury claims. Catastrophic injuries are taken more seriously than personal injury claims because it has affected the victim’s life forever.

Are You Entitled to Damages for Catastrophic Injury in Florida?

There are many ways in which the victim can claim a catastrophic injury claim. The important thing to know is that the more serious an injury is, the greater the medical bills are going to be. The medical bills could include surgeries, rehabilitation, or maybe a permanent medical device or medication. Furthermore, if the injury has made you unemployed, the medical claim will compensate you for lost wages, too. Your emotional health would also be compensated in the catastrophic claim.

While hiring an attorney, you would need to discuss your catastrophic injury claim so they may work on it without any delay.

The personal injury lawyer will get into the details of the injury, to know whether you can file for catastrophic injury or a personal injury claim. They need to have good evidence to file the catastrophic injury claim. For any type of personal injury claim, it is important to prove that the accident has happened due to the negligence of the other party. Therefore, a severe bodily injury needs to have more details from the doctors, too.

Moreover, whenever you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, it is important to learn about the types of injury claims that one can have. Once you know the injury claim, then you will know how to progress forward. They are equipped enough to tell you about the injury claims that you can make. Also, these lawyers will tell you what type of evidence you need to have for your claim.

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A catastrophic injury impacts one’s mind and body for a longer time. The entire family of the victim might be suffering from emotional distress as it is not easy to take care of a person with a disability. The mental stress could be emotionally taxing for the victim and their family. For some families, survival becomes difficult where the victim was the sole breadwinner. Therefore, a catastrophic injury claim is compensated very well.

Tampa personal injury lawyers are capable of handling difficult claims, which catastrophic injury claims happen to be a part of. They will make sure that the victim gets full compensation for his loss in the traumatic accident. You have to trust the personal injury lawyer.

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