Slip and Fall Accidents

Who’s Responsible for a Slip and Fall Accident?

Winters and Yonker Tampa Who's Responsible for a Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident can be scary. One second you’re shopping or going about your business and the next, you’re laid out flat on your back, shocked and wondering what just happened. While many slip and fall accidents end in minor aches that eventually go away, others can be more serious and require medical…

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A Neck Injury Can Be Life-Changing

The vertebrae in your neck protect your spinal cord, keep your head upright, and allow for blood flow to your brain. It’s also a sensitive area that is easily susceptible to injury, especially in a car crash or motorcycle accident. A neck injury can be detrimental and can have lifelong consequences for the injured and…

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Seeking Legal Advice After a Spinal Cord Injury

Your spinal cord is responsible for sending information back and forth from your brain and the rest of the nerves in your body. Damage to the vertebral column can negatively impact your spinal cord and change your life forever. Spinal cord injuries have long-ranging effects and often require extensive medical care. The cost of this…

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Proving a Slip and Fall Accident in Florida

A slip and fall accident can be a scary experience. You’re just minding your business, walking through a store, post office, or other location and then suddenly you’re on the floor. Slip and falls can be caused by a variety of reasons and may lead to serious injuries. Thankfully, you have legal recourse. Here’s a…

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