Causes and Injuries of Electric Scooter Accidents

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Electric scooters are wreaking havoc in cities all across Florida. There’s little that anyone can do as many cities have happily welcomed these scooters in and put laws into place. Not only are they an eyesore, but they are leading to personal injury issues because of carelessness, product defects, and malintent. Contacting a personal injury attorney in Tampa is the right way to start your case. There’s’ a lot of opportunities to recover compensation, but it’s not an easy road. It’s hard to seek the compensation that you need and deserve after an electric scooter accident.

Causes of Injuries

Most electric scoot accidents come from four root causes. Distraction on the part of the rider, impairment, also the fault of the rider,  recklessness, against the rider’s fault and product defect.

Although many people believe that after an injury they’ll have a case against Bird, Jump, Spin or Rides it’s likely that they’ll have a case against their attacker. These scooters have stringent user agreements that make the rider or user responsible for most if not all damage.

Distraction and Impairment

Already you can see people texting and riding or using social media while riding. These major distractions contribute substantially to a large number of pedestrian accidents that happen with scooters.

Often the rider will not be watching where they are going and run headlong into a pedestrian if you were a pedestrian hit by a scooter you may have experienced significant leg, shoulder, back or neck injuries. These scooters zoon through parks and metro areas at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. That’s a higher speed limit than any parking lot would allow, a minor distraction can lead to a serious injury.

Impairment is another major issue. These scooters are often placed within walking distance of bars and nightclubs. It’s difficult to justify that an intoxicated person wouldn’t jump to grab one of these scooters.

However, scooters don’t qualify as a vehicle, so there is little recourse for anyone operating an electric scooter while intoxicated. Some cities have put ordinances into effect, but it’s still difficult not to prove that the rider was impaired.


Common sense says to slow down in highly populated areas, but some drivers can’t make that happen. Recklessness can be both neglectful and purposeful. Some people are riding scooters just for the thrill of zipping through crowds and high speeds. While others are acting carelessly without intent. Either way, recklessness is an ongoing issue with scooters.

Product Defects

The final issue is that product defects are becoming apparent. Every new product has a period of time where the kinks must be worked out. That’s the case with nearly every company hosting motorized scooters. The widespread issue is brake locking where the brakes will suddenly engage, throwing riders and harming pedestrians.

Product defects are one of the few times that it’s reasonable to go directly after the company without having some extenuating circumstances. Additional circumstances around electric scooter accident injuries might bring to light some holes in their user agreement, but product defects make them directly responsible.

A Tampa Bay Personal Injury Attorney

When it comes to receiving compensation, it comes down to the cause and the injury. While the cause will determine who you can seek compensation from, the injury will determine the value. Injuries from scooter accidents including Bird and Spin accidents often include the wrist, back, neck, and shoulder injuries.

Not only do these injuries come from riders falling or being thrown from the scooter, but from impact as a pedestrian as well. Pedestrians may additionally take knee and hip injury depending on the angle of impact.

It’s vital to include a lawyer in your pursuit of compensation, and it is best to start your case on the right foot by involving someone right away.

Reach Out to the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa

Get in touch with an experienced scooter accident lawyer. Only the best personal injury law firm in Tampa can help you through the intense legal process ahead of you. Many people believe that they have a case against a company, but the truth is that you may be going after an individual for personal injury. These cases are even more difficult.

When you are ready to move forward with your case, contact the law offices of Winters and Yonker for assistance. After a consultation, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of the odds of your case going to court, the options of reasonable settlement and the legal paths available to you.

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