The Main Causes of Rollover Car Accidents in Florida

Causes-of-Rollover car accidents in Florida

Rollover car accidents in Florida can become extremely dangerous for the people involved. A rollover accident leaves the vehicle overturned minimum at 90 degrees to its sides. Such accidents lead to serious injuries to the driver and passengers. Usually, fatal injuries have been reported in rollover accidents such as traumatic brain injury, fractures, spinal and back injuries, paralysis, disability, or amputation.

Accidents result in emotional trauma, financial damages, and mounting medical expenses. The expertise of Tampa accident lawyers is required to attain compensation for the damages. In 2019, around 6,358 people died in rollover crashes.

Reasons Behind Rollover Car Accidents in Florida:

Rollover car accidents in Florida occur due to several reasons associated with the vehicle, the driver’s behavior, and the aspects of the road. It is essential to effectively follow traffic laws to avoid such deadly accidents.

  • Vehicle Design:

The design difference between cars and SUVs makes SUVs more prone to rollover accidents. The fatality rate of car rollover is comparatively lower than SUVs. Pickups are also susceptible to rollover accidents. There are many reasons for SUVs and pickups to be involved in a rollover accident; one of them being that SUVs are taller vehicles, being higher off the ground. The weight of the vehicle is distributed higher off the ground. The higher profile causes more rollover accidents in SUVs. Moreover, SUVs and pickups are often used in rural areas, the conditions in rural areas result in such accidents.

  • Road Conditions:

Most rollover accidents occur when the driver loses control over their vehicle. As a result, the vehicle slips to the side, interferes with an object, and trips causing a rollover accident. Your vehicle may come in contact with uneven ground, curb, or a tree.  Lack of road maintenance becomes a hazard for people.

  • Driver’s Negligence:

Driver behavior can greatly contribute to a rollover crash. If you take a turn too sharply, or if the turning radius is small at a high speed, your car may roll over. A driver’s negligent behavior such as distracted driving, driving under influence, and speeding can become a peril for the driver and passengers.

Among all rollover accidents, not all are caused by an impact. Factors that cause a vehicle to roll over involves the manufacturing of a vehicle, such as sport-utility vehicles have a higher center of gravity making them more prone to tipping over. Poor maintenance of vehicles also leads to severe accidents. For instance, because of defective tires, your vehicle may lose its balance and roll over.

Injuries Sustained in Rollover Accidents:

Life-threatening injuries are sustained by the people involved in a rollover accident. Due to the forces involved at the crash time, the passengers and drivers are often partially or completely ejected from the vehicle. Head injuries are also very common in rollover accidents. Head injuries occur when the vehicle rolls over for the first time.

The sudden impact felt when the roof of the vehicle touches the ground leaves people severely injured. When the body hits the interior of the vehicle like the steering wheel or the windshield, chest and internal injuries are sustained. It is particularly significant to receive medical care immediately after the accident. A complete medical checkup is required to rule out any possible internal injury to the body.

Compensation After Rollover Accidents in Florida: How a Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa Can Help:

Florida is a no-fault state; after an accident, each party seeks compensation from their own auto insurance provider unless the injuries reach a certain threshold. In Florida, drivers are required to have at least $10,000 worth of personal injury protection.

However, if you have suffered injuries that are significant and permanent, then you are eligible to file a lawsuit for compensation. You can file a lawsuit against more than one defendant, for instance filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver that caused the rollover accident in Florida and the manufacturer of your vehicle, as your vehicle failed to withstand the accident. For this, you need the professional services of a Tampa auto accident lawyer.

Get in Touch With a Tampa Auto Accident Attorney to Obtain Compensation:

Rollover car accidents in Florida are becoming common. If you or your loved ones have been in an unfortunate rollover accident, immediately contact our team of highly professional and experienced car accident attorneys. It is important to know your legal rights and get complete compensation for the injuries and damages you suffered due to the accident. Our Tampa auto accident lawyer will ease the entire process from documentation, evidence collection, negotiations, and filing a lawsuit in court. We ensure that you receive the maximum claim you deserve.

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Rollover Accidents: The Facts

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