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Our Clearwater Beach car accident lawyers have the experience needed to guide you through the legal process. You might have encountered automobile collision scenes previously and wondered what happened to the victims. Now that you have been in an accident, you may be starting to realize that surviving the wreck and being discharged from the hospital is just the start of the journey toward recovery. You might have been advised you will require therapy or surgery, and the physician may, nevertheless, not have cleared you to return to work. You are worried about paying the bills and might be fighting with your own emotions.

A Clearwater Beach personal injury attorney is available to help. Our aim to aid accident victims to receive what they deserve. We do not ask you to pay us a thing if we do not make you money. We would like to offer a totally free consultation with you. Call us at (888) 373-7770 or complete the form to the right to get your free consultation now.

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Will Insurance Cover my Car Accident Injury?

Accidents are paid for by insurance firms of the at-fault driver in Florida. If a driver causes an accident because of careless behavior, they’re legally at fault and their insurance company must pay for the accident. Insurance will pay for repairs to your car your expenses, and other forms of losses.

This can be more complicated when an accident is caused by multiple drivers and the insurance provider says you’re partially at fault. At these times, the insurance company allocates every driver a percentage of the fault. As long as you’re less than 50 percent at fault, the other driver is legally responsible for your own losses. You will receive less money because you were partially to blame.

For example, Driver A runs a red light. You had been passing through the intersection on a green light, but you were also texting your pal and did not watch Driver A in time to avoid the collision. Driver A was at fault for running a red light, but you were to blame for driving distracted. If Driver A was 70 percent at fault and you’re 30 percent responsible, then you would have the ability to recover 70 percent of your prices. This system is known as comparative negligence.

What Costs Will a Car Accident Claim Cover?

The law allows you to recover two types of money following a car accident:

General Damages

General damages are aimed at the way your life has been affected by your injury. An injury can leave you with chronic pain or unattractive scars. It can keep you from doing things such as taking care of your kids, driving, or engaging in hobbies or sports. You may not be cost cash directly by these kinds of losses, but they feel real, and the law permits you to recover cash. Overall compensation is usually calculated by insurance companies by taking a look at the number of your particular damages and the severity of your injury.

Special Damages

Damages that are special compensate for the financial consequences of the crash, and you may recover 100 percent of these expenditures. They include your medical therapy, including treatment and prescriptions, mental health treatment, the pay you missed out on if the accident has caused you to become out of work due to injuries, and the damage to your car.

It’s important to comprehend, however, the insurance provider will most likely underestimate the true cost of your accident. Insurance businesses know they can earn a profit if they do not pay out in claims. Our attorneys have years of experience persuading the insurance companies that their first offers are too low, and convincing them to deal with accident victims. Talking to a lawyer is an important step in safeguarding your rights following a crash.

What if I Get in a Car Accident With an Uninsured Driver?

All car owners in Florida are required to get automobile insurance, but that doesn’t mean everybody follows the rules. Moreover, by signing up for the amount of coverage required, a lot of people attempt to save money on insurance premiums. If a motorist gets the minimal policy, their insurance will only cover up to $25,000 for personal injuries and up to $25,000 for property damage.

But accidents can cost far more than these minimum amounts. We state they are under-insured when a driver does not have insurance to pay for the crash. In the event the driver who was at fault is uninsured or underinsured, one method to acquire money is to make a claim. Under-insured and uninsured motorist coverage is offered in Florida, but it is not required, so you might or might not have this form of coverage on your car insurance policy.

Options include: filing a lawsuit and requesting the court to order the other driver to pay you from his or her own pocket, filing a lien against the drivers home or other resources, assessing whether there may be other parties who are responsible, and looking for any other insurance policies that might apply. These plans are more complicated than submitting an insurance claim, so it is necessary to have a lawyer helping you when the driver doesn’t have insurance.

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