Common Causes of Personal Injury in Tampa Bay

Common Causes of Personal Injury in Tampa Bay

Personal injury seems to cover a massive range of issues. If you were in an auto accident or bitten by a neighbor’s dog, you’re looking at a personal injury lawsuit.

A Tampa Bay personal injury attorney could be your best resource. They can help you learn more about your case and legal options.

Auto and Truck Accidents

Without a doubt, traffic accidents involving cars and trucks are the biggest cause of personal injury. Usually, one driver is liable, or at least more liable, than the other. That means one person is usually responsible for covering things such as medical bills, as well as pain and suffering.

Traffic accidents have many moving parts when it comes to personal injury cases. Dealing with insurance companies, the other driver, potentially other law teams, and more, you need guidance.

Animal Attacks

Dogs seem innocent enough, but too often people are bitten with little to no warning. Nearly 4.5 million dog bites happen every year, and ⅕ of those become infected. Not only do you have to worry about the injuries from the bite itself, but the ramifications that come with infections also.

Animal attacks are almost always on the homeowner’s plate. Ownership of the property and animal play a huge role in how dog bite and other animal attack cases close.  What’s worse is that most people don’t realize the expense that comes with animal attacks. You could end up with tens of thousands in medical bills to treat a bite and infection.

Slip and Fall Cases

At work, in a friend’s home, or out shopping, a slip-and-fall case can lead to serious injuries. If you slipped and fell it’s likely that it may take weeks or months for injuries to surface. Slipped disks, bruised spines, and more can seem like pain that will naturally subside.

Don’t’ let these cases go too long without medical attention or legal guidance.

Wrongdoing in a Retirement Community

It’s no surprise that our elderly at risk nearly around the clock. When someone goes into hospice care or lives even in an active retirement community, they lose a level of self-sufficiency. Even if that wasn’t the intent when they moved into the area.

Wrongdoing in a retirement community can include everything from elder abuse, to outright assault. Nurses, staff and other’s nearby are all capable of taking actions that you wouldn’t think possible from another person. Get legal help to cover some of the damages in personal injury.

You can also get help for a loved one in your life. Help them see that the legal system can start bringing wrongdoing in these supposedly safe environments to light. Many families see a direct impact from their loved one’s care.

Premises Liability

Swimming pools, ponds, swampy areas, construction sites, and even maintenance can put a homeowner at risk. The greater issue though is how they put everyone else at risk. Premises liability is an issue for a reason. People often get hurt on or near other people’s property.

Florida expects home and property owners to maintain a significant level of safety. Things such as low hanging, or dead branches, exposed stumps, and ungated swimming pools are hazards.

How to Find a Great Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa, Florida

When it comes to finding the right personal injury lawyer for you, it’s pretty simple. You want to work with someone that has both, general knowledge of personal injury law and specific knowledge about similar cases.

Because precedence can play such a big role in personal injury, having an experienced attorney is critical. It’s not enough though to just find someone who has many years of legal experience to their name.

You want to make sure that the law office you find doesn’t have your case over to a lower level lawyer or a paralegal. When law offices claim to assign you a case manager that means you’ll spend most of your time working with someone who isn’t a lawyer.

Finally, you should ask your potential lawyer two questions before deciding to hire them. First, whether they will be the one to handle your case. Then, what their goal is with your case.

Get A Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

It is vital that you get someone with legal knowledge and passion. A lawyer should be aggressive and work towards your ideal outcome.

Schedule a consultation with Winters and Yonker where a lawyer will review your case with you. Our Tampa injury law firm will keep in contact with you, and strive to help you reach your goals.

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