Common Traffic Law Violations That Lead to Wrecks

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No one is the perfect driver. However, if you take care to follow basic traffic laws constantly, you’ll be in pretty good shape. There are times when other drivers, however, fail to follow the law, and it results in innocent drivers taking on serious injuries. These common traffic law violations can have a massive impact on people’s lives which is where a dedicated Clearwater car accident lawyer can help.

Minor Accidents

Some common causes of minor accidents can include:

  • Failing to signal
  • Not yielding on private property
  • “Rolling” stops or failing to yield at a stop sign

These all seem like minor things, especially when people have had their driver’s license for years. Forgetting to signal happens, and it’s also responsible for most side-swipe accidents. When a person fails to signal their intent to change lanes, it gives little opportunity for any other driver to react accordingly. The driver may feel comfortable but ultimately hit a car that was in their blind spot if they had signaled that the second driver could have slowed down or sped up to make room for the car to change lanes.

Rolling stops are another big no-no. People feel comfortable giving a slight pause as a stop sign rather than stopping completely, and that results in many accidents. This action is the same as failing to stop and can come with a ticket as well as fault determination.

Major Wrecks

Most traffic violations stand to help deter major accidents from occurring. That’s why there are speed limits in place, stoplight systems, and regulations against drunk driving.

The most common traffic law violations which lead to major crashes include:

For many people, the most surprising point on this list is tailgating. Following too closely is against the law, can result in major car accidents, and also contribute to road rage. Road rage is known to contribute to auto accidents in other ways such as people using their vehicle as a weapon.

Speeding is among the most common type of traffic law violations resulting in crashes. Drivers often underestimate the rate of travel and are unable to stop before impacting a vehicle. In many cases, speeding will count as an aggravating factor if the driver was operating the car at excessive speeds. Excessive speeds are very generalized, but typically it counts as another nod to negligence and even endangerment.

Driving under the influence is probably what police have the best chance of proactively identifying. While police do a cruise to ensure that everyone is operating according to traffic law, they also set up specific DUI stops or checkpoints. Additionally, intoxicated drivers are much less likely to respond to the presence of a cop and slow down or comply with traffic laws.

Auto Accident Attorney in Clearwater Explains

When someone is not in compliance with traffic laws, they are putting everyone on the road at risk. In Clearwater, the fault laws use a no-fault insurance base. Many people misunderstand that and believe that the no-fault system means that it doesn’t matter if they contribute through a traffic violation or not.

For example, if someone was speeding, and hit you, they are still liable. Albeit you must go through your own insurance company first, you can still sue the at-fault driver. These situations show how valuable it can be to drive defensively and focus on following traffic laws.

If your insurance policy has run its course, but you still have outstanding expenses associated with the injuries of your crash, you have options. Additionally, you may have trouble covering your bills as the PIP coverage in Florida only provides 80% coverage for compensation.

Contact A Clearwater Auto Accident Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers in Clearwater are available to help the victims of car wrecks. Not only do you have injuries and bills to worry about, but you may have trouble understanding your claim. Often common traffic violations can lead to serious injuries, but why do people do this?

It’s perfectly reasonable. Most people, at some point, look away from the road, speed a little, or even run a red light. That does not make it okay because all of these things are against basic traffic law and can lead to serious injuries and even death.

After being hurt in a car crash, make sure to contact a Clearwater car accident attorney. The Winters and Yonker law offices provide extensive help and put up a good fight for every client. Contact Winters and Yonker now to explain more about your case.

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