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With the economy in a relatively healthy place, the nation has seen an increase in construction projects. Across Florida, new buildings and homes are being built and roads and bridges are undergoing infrastructure upgrades. While this new boom is a positive in terms of economic growth and investment and employment growth, it also poses some dangers. While an increase in construction almost inevitably means an increase in construction accidents, this boom’s accidents seem to be occurring at a higher rate than previously noted.

Increase in Construction Accidents

Construction accidents have increased across the nation during this building boom so Tampa personal injury attorneys have become even more important. The reason may be two-fold. While contractors are doing their best to get their projects completed in a timely fashion, some may be rushing and creating unsafe conditions for their employees. This can include placing unrealistic goals on the employees or forcing them to work longer days to get jobs done.

Furthermore, thanks to a skills shortage, some construction workers are being asked to work with machinery or tools they are not familiar with or have not received enough training with. Because there is plenty of pressure to get a job done and move on to the next and not enough labor to go around, new employees who haven’t received adequate training are especially at risk for construction accidents.

In addition to those who work on construction sites, construction accidents may affect passers-by. For example, poorly assembled scaffolding can endanger the lives of pedestrians and drivers, as can unsafe machinery, and subpar materials. Construction projects that do not adequately provide for the safety of passers-by put everyone at risk.

Who’s Responsible for a Construction Accident?

So who is liable for a construction accident? As is often the case, the answer is “it depends.”

When an accident occurs at a construction site, it could be due to any of a number of factors—unsafe working conditions, poorly trained workers, tired workers, unsafe equipment, poor workmanship, landowner negligence, etc. The best way to determine whether someone can be held liable for a construction accident is to speak with a Tampa construction accident lawyer.

To prove that a particular party is responsible for bodily injury or property damage, it is necessary to show that they either willingly created an unsafe environment or negligently created an unsafe environment and that they had a responsibility to provide a certain level of safety that they failed to meet. This could mean that they did not provide sufficient training, failed to have machinery inspected, knowingly purchased sub-par materials, or ignored workplace violations. Because showing liability can be difficult, it is advised that you have a knowledgeable Tampa construction accident lawyer by your side.

Contact a Tampa Construction Accident Lawyer to Learn More

If you’ve been injured in or harmed by a construction accident, get in touch with the lawyers who care. The personal injury attorneys at Winters & Yonker are ready to fight for you. As your partner, we will help you determine whether you have a valid claim and who is responsible for your injuries or property damage. Our skilled time will investigate your case and help you get the compensation you deserve. Thanks to our many years representing clients in the Tampa area, we understand what it takes to show liability in a court of law and aggressively represent each of our clients. In addition, we’re pros at dealing with insurance companies who want to give you the runaround rather than pay out on your valid claim.

When someone else’s actions or negligence cause harm, they should be held responsible. Don’t get stuck with the bills when you aren’t at fault. Contact us today to set up your free consultation and to learn more about how we represent construction accident victims.

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