How COVID19 Pandemic Can Affect My Car Accident Claim


The covid-19 pandemic has affected almost every aspect of our lives. The challenges we face increase every day as the number of pandemic cases number goes higher. Having most people working from home, we do not need to drive around that much. People avoid large gatherings and choose to stay more at home. Nevertheless, auto accidents may still happen, mainly because some drivers tend to exceed the speed limit on empty roads.

If you or someone you care about gets involved in an automobile accident, it would be best if you get advice from an auto accident attorney in Tampa, FL. The reason is that during the pandemic, the procedures for filing an insurance claim have changed. A car accident lawyer will help you prepare what you will need in such a case.

This article discusses how Covid-19 pandemic may affect an auto accident claim.

Social Distancing Protocols

During the shock and panic, someone is going through, it is easy to forget the social distancing protocols when involved in a car crash. However, they should try to keep six feet away from the other people in the scene, and when that is not possible, remember to wear masks and wait for assistance.

Using objects that someone else used, like a phone or a pen, should be avoided. Gathering contact information of all the people around is mandatory. In an accident, even though injured people may not have much control over their actions, they should try to keep themselves as safe as possible.

Getting Healthcare Attention

It is crucial to see your doctor immediately after the car accident. Unfortunately, hospitals and doctors are overloaded by coronavirus incidents, and you may be skeptical to visit an emergency room of a hospital. The chances of contracting the virus may be high, and nobody would want to risk it.

If you are not transferred by ambulance to the hospital, it might be your best choice to contact your personal doctor and ask for advice. Your physician will determine if they need to see you in person by asking you questions. Sometimes, they can make a diagnosis through telemedicine. Try to describe all of your symptoms, even the minor ones, to your doctor and follow their instructions.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies, like all businesses, try to maintain their viability during this outbreak. They face severe challenges and need to work a lot harder to keep their business profitable.

Consequently, getting fair compensation for your injuries will be difficult. It is recommended to consult a Tampa car accident lawyer to help you build your claim. Insurance companies tend to offer quick and low settlements during this period. They will try to convince you to accept their offer without speaking to a Florida auto accident lawyer. Do not fall into this trap.

It would help if you kept in mind that the insurance company’s process will be most probably delayed since most of their employees are working from home or currently ill. A car accident lawyer has the experience to identify an unfair settlement and will help you fight for your rights. If needed, they will take your matter in court and help you claim full compensation for your injuries and losses.

Court System Delays

A car accident attorney in Florida may advise you to file a lawsuit, even if your case will not reach the trial level. This move will show your insurance company that you are serious. Florida’s court system has been affected by the pandemic. However, they continue to hear some urgent cases in person. Other issues are handled through teleconferences or phone calls. All these changes in procedures lead to delays, and your case may be postponed. Your lawyer will follow up with your case and protect your interests in the best possible way.

We Are Here to Help You

We are all facing tremendous changes in our lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic; however, we can still support and advise you for your best outcome. Our team in Winters and Yonker Law Firm will help you fight for your rights and file your claim. We stand next to our existing clients, but we also keep undertaking new cases.

Call us or send us an email to arrange for your free consultation meeting. We use teleconferencing and digital signatures to keep our clients and us safe. The pandemic should be a reason to give up your rights. You deserve to get compensated and recover your injuries and losses to the fullest. Reach out to us today!

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