Two Killed in a Cessna 152 Crash at Northeast Florida Regional Airport

crash at Northeast Florida Regional Airport

A crash at Northeast Florida Regional Airport on Tuesday afternoon involved a single-engine Cessna 152. Two people were killed in the crash at Northeast Florida Regional Airport; the plane caught fire after it crashed just outside St. Augustine. Photos of the crash show the two-seat plane flattened on the asphalt.

Several fire crews responded and put out the flames, St. Johns County Fire Rescue said. No one aboard the plane survived. The National Transportation Safety Board will manage a probe into the crash. A witness said that they said the plane rocking back and forth before it started falling nose down into the runway, where it caught fire and slid for 20 feet.

This is the third fatal crash that occurred in northeast Florida in the past two weeks. One involved an older Cessna 150 plane, in which eighteen-year-old Alexis George and sixty-six-year-old flight instructor David Cuttino died. This crash happened near the Georgia border.

The other accident involved a sixty-year-old man and an ultralight plane, it’s said in the report.

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Source: https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-plane-crash-kills-outside-st-augustine

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