What to Do After a Crash in Your Third-Trimester?

Picture of a pregnant woman in her third-trimester

Regardless of whether it was a low-impact or a high-speed collision, you need to understand the full scope of what could happen in a crash while pregnant. Your third-trimester is a severe risk for additional issues and complications if you’re in a crash, and it’s possible that a collision could send you into early labor.
Whenever you’re in a crash while pregnant, be sure to contact the right people to get help right away. You will want to call emergency services, but you may also need to contact an automobile accident attorney in Tampa, Florida. It may be difficult, but it’s clear that you should always start by remaining calm and take well throughout steps to work towards getting you and your baby safe.

Know the Risks of Being in a Crash While Pregnant

The primary risks involved when you’re in an accident so late into your pregnancy include:

  • Stillbirth or death of the baby
  • Birth defects
  • Premature birth
  • High risk of pregnancy complications
  • Coup or contrecoup injuries (Equitable to shaken baby syndrome)
  • Placenta Abruption or Detachment
  • Fetal Trauma

These risks are all serious, but not all are likely. Fetal trauma is among the most common and often happens during car accidents in later-term pregnancies. This can happen even when there is trauma to the mother, such as lack of oxygen or distress.

Contact Emergency Services

Before doing anything else, contact emergency services. Depending on the details of your pregnancy and how far along you are, the emergency dispatcher may instruct you not to move or even leave the vehicle. Always follow the direction of the dispatcher and wait for emergency response teams.
During this time, it’s critical that you remain on the phone with emergency services so that you can notify them of any changes immediately. You may not have any immediate signs of distress, but it is absolutely vital for expectant mothers to have a full medical evaluation right away.

Alert the Other Driver

As you haven’t exited the vehicle, it’s likely that the other driver will approach your car. If you feel safe, roll down the window enough to inform them that you are pregnant and need emergency medical attention. You can alert them that emergency services are on their way, or that you don’t want to make any changes because you’re due for delivery soon.
Always be wary of drivers that make you feel uncomfortable. Along with emergency medical repose, police should arrive soon as well to assist the cleanup and the documentation of the scene.

Different Injury Possibilities

One of the most pressing concerns which could call for an emergency delivery is placental abruption. That is what happens when the placenta within your womb detaches entirely. It’s at that point where the baby can no longer access nutrients from you and could lead to severe internal bleeding that can impact you and the baby.
Always go to the emergency room. It’s possible that the seatbelt was not resting in a safe position, or that the sudden stopping motion caused internal injuries to you or the baby that are not immediately noticeable.
Thankfully with Florida’s no-fault collision resolution system, you don’t have to worry about aggressive drivers beginning a fault argument at the scene. Because each person’s insurance provides the coverage they need, you can worry about getting into medical care and alerting your significant other, partner, or other important people in your life about the crash and emergency situation.
There are so many different injury possibilities with pregnant drivers, and many more the later they are into their pregnancy. Even something like a seatbelt restraint, or airbag going off can pose a danger that puts the mother and fetus at risk of fatal injuries and internal bleeding.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa, FL if You Were in a Crash While Pregnant

If you were sent into early labor, sustained injuries, or were simply shaken by the collision, then you need to contact a team of personal injury attorneys. Your third trimester is a stressful time where you probably have a mile-long to-do list, and the last thing you want to worry about is handling an insurance company. Don’t worry about the phone calls, getting the car to an appraiser, or finding all of your medical bills to submit as part of your claim, let Tampa accident lawyers take care of it all.
Bring in the law team at Winters & Yonker to get the support necessary to process your claim with as little stress or demands on you as possible. As auto accident lawyers in Florida, we know the insurance process, the PIP claims system, and how to get your claim moving quickly.

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