Delivery Personnel Falling on Private Property

Falling on Private Property

More and more people are relying on delivery drivers within the gig economy. Whether it’s Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash, or Shipt, you might worry about the injuries you could sustain. Tripping and falling on private property opens a lot of questions, especially when you’re out on a delivery if you tripped because of an exposed root system or anything else you might have a trip and fall case.

Getting the help you need and understanding the process is critical for anyone who has injuries or missed work because of the trip. Take control of your trip and fall case in Tampa. Tripping on private property is something that is really case-by-case. You can’t always hold the property owner responsible all too often though trip and fall victims feel that there aren’t any options.

Are You A Delivery Person?

Delivery professions are taking off. Not only is there DoorDash, Postmates, and Shipt, but many employers are sending out their staff on deliveries. What can you do if you’re hurt on the job?

The good news so far as car accidents go is that you’re probably covered. Delivery people working for “gig” companies usually don’t have to sign up for any specific insurance. DoorDash, for example, protects their people even though they’re not technically employees. They don’t have to pay deductibles and could receive up to $1,000,000 for medical expenses.

When it comes to other injuries, it differs significantly based on the circumstances. The company may cover your injuries, the property owner may have to cover it, or no one could cover it. That’s right. There are situations that could leave you with all those medical bills to pay on your own.

Will Your Company or the Homeowner Pay for Falling on Private Property?

Who will cover your injuries? It depends on the nature of the injury, whether you were on the clock and more. For example, your company will likely cover something such as a car accident, or even an assault. But trip and falls or slip and falls are a different issue.

If you’re walking up to a house to make a delivery, the light is out, and you trip on a hose then that might not fall to the company. That might fall to the homeowner. Trip and fall injuries often fall to the property owner for a failure to maintain their property. In delivery situations, the property owner knew you were coming to the house, you had permission to be there, and still, the property wasn’t safe. That’s often the situation that people experience during deliveries.

Trip and Falls Lead to Serious Injuries

Tripping and falling isn’t just about landing wrong. You can sustain serious head injuries from falling, among other injuries. One good trip on a loose bit of pavement on a walkway can lead to a hip fracture, broken leg, dislocated shoulder, and many other injuries. Although tripping on someone’s front patio seems rather funny, it’s anything but hilarious.

How Do Injury Lawyers Handle Someone Falling on Private Property?

What lawyers look for in Tampa when it comes to personal injury lawsuits around tripping is the liability. Was someone liable for your injury, or was it just bad luck? Often negligence plays a large role, and you’ll need to substantiate that there was an item or something that caused you to trip. Then tie that trip to your injuries.

If you did fall and trip on someone’s property, then you should take photos of any of your injuries. If you tripped on something then make sure that you snag a snap of that too. If you didn’t trip on anything in particular then make sure that you reach out to the company you’re working with to file a report. You will need to report the company holding your contract or your employer of the incident no matter what though. Make sure that you always report accidents straight away and ensure that you do everything possible to communicate the extent of your injuries clearly.

Should You Talk To a Personal Injury Lawyers from Tampa for Help?

Yes, consulting a lawyer about falling on private property doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely move forward to court. It does mean that you intend to take action to get compensation for your damages. The steps you would take, the evidence, and more will require a lot of time and effort. The best way to approach it is with a professional who handles negations and case building for a living.

At Winters & Yonker our team of attorneys in Tampa have great skill in negotiating settlements, finding the person to hold responsible, and more. Call the law offices of Winters & Yonker right here in Tampa, FL to speak with a local Tampa personal injury lawyer.

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