Documents to Have When Meeting A Car Accident Lawyer

car accident lawyer documents

In 2019 auto accidents in Florida alone exceeded 400,000. If you happen to suffer losses from a car accident and intend to visit your car accident lawyer for a preliminary consultation meeting, you need to be prepared. Make sure that you carry with you as much information regarding your case as possible. If the vehicle collision was not your fault, you would possibly be qualified to claim damages from the other driver.

Before you meet with your car accident lawyer, get a file or a large envelope, and gather inside all the documents, pictures, and information related to your case.

Here is the list of documentation you should prepare for your case and bring to your appointment. These documents will help your lawyer defend your rights in the best possible way.

The Police Report

When you are involved in an automobile accident, it is mandatory to call the police to record the property damages and personal injuries officially. The police report is a crucial piece of evidence that includes all the contact information of the other vehicle owners involved and their insurance company details.

Furthermore, the investigative officer’s report contains detailed information on the crash site, witnesses’ names, and traffic citations. The police officer’s report describes the car accident and what seems to be the cause of it. It may also note who, in their judgment, is at fault for the car accident.

Your car accident lawyer will possibly request to see this document at your first consultation meeting.

Medical Records

If you were transferred to the hospital’s emergency room, bring your discharge documents, along with an X-Ray or MRI examination papers. Furthermore, you need to provide your car accident lawyer with the doctors’ contact information that has treated you since the accident.

You must also let your car wreck lawyer know of any previous injury claims from past accidents you were involved in and bring documentation for these cases too.

All these medical records are significant evidence for your case and will define your outcome in court. These documents will help you prove your level of injuries and be fully compensated.

If you also took pictures of your injuries, include them in your file of documents too.

Witnesses Statements

If you were able to gather the witness information right after the accident, your car accident lawyer might ask to speak to them for clarification regarding the incident. Witness statements may also be included in the police report. Witness statements play an essential role in winning your case.


Police always photograph the auto crash scene; however, you should also take as many pictures of the place around the accident as possible. The more evidence you acquire, the better chance you have in the trial to be awarded the claims you deserve. If you take pictures with your phone, remember to keep the originals with the time taken recorded on them.

Insurance Information

Firstly, you should bring your own insurance information with you. If you managed to acquire the other drivers’ insurance details involved in the accident, these are also documents that your car accident attorney will need. Furthermore, you can have your health insurance information with you.

Payment Documents

If you suffer injuries from a car accident and have to abstain from work, you need documents proving your wages loss. Pay stubs can help your car accident lawyer calculate your income loss due to your inability to work.

All other expenses you needed to cover since the accident and because of it can be included in your claim case as long as you have the receipts.

Write Down the Incident

Documenting in writing everything that happened before, during, and after the car accident will help not miss anything important that must be mentioned when preparing your case. Try and write down as many details as you remember. You never know which little detail can make a difference in court.

After you finish writing, reread it to see if you missed anything out. Try to be honest and consistent in your story narration; otherwise, you may harm your case.

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