Crashes with Driverless Vehicles in Florida

Crashes with Driverless Vehicles in Florida | Tampa Car Accident Attorneys

That’s right the future arrived in Florida a while ago. First to hit the road were autonomous cars which came as a consumer vehicle meant for a person to operate it but with an autopilot feature. Now there are driverless vehicles on the roads and freeways in major cities and small towns. Are these cars safe?

Many Tampa car accident attorneys think that these vehicles can lead to substantially more damage than any other two vehicles involved in a crash with driverless vehicles. As auto accident attorneys have handled the aftermath of accidents for decades, they’re an authority on assessing the damage.

Is There A Failsafe for Driverless Vehicles?

In essence, the only failsafe is the presence of a human in the vehicle. For many cars in Florida, there is no need for a person, and recent laws mandate that human observance is not a requirement.

Other failsafe’s do exist that help the vehicle know when there are changing road conditions, but these are not foolproof systems. There is no singular system in place to shut down the vehicle as that could lead to more danger than it might avoid.

False Claims of Safer Roads

The claim behind driverless vehicles is that it makes for safer roads. The concept is that humans are the issue that causes most accidents with negligent driving habits and the failure to abide by traffic laws.

Companies of driverless cars will often hide behind these false claims to protect themselves. While there are many issues behind the claims, the major test market of Phoenix, Arizona, has had a barrage of issues with driverless vehicles. These same issues of injury-causing accidents and even low-speed fender benders in Florida.

Determining Fault from Tampa Car Accident Attorneys

Determining fault with driverless vehicles is more complex than with a simple car wreck. It’s not you versus another driver, though. It’s you versus a company. Who is at fault? Clearly, the company is going to try to accuse you of being a negligent driver and hide behind their claims of driverless cars being safer.

At-fault in Florida will continue to rely on duty of care, evidence of negligence, and the applicable traffic laws. Driverless cars rely on software and camera imagery to detect changing road conditions.

The benefit of driverless cars being part of the accident is that they often record all their data both visually and with their software. The software coming from the company can prove that you were in the right, or that the car was unresponsive when it should have acted.

Driverless cars may not be open to the same set of distractions, but there are plenty of holes in their systems. For example, the accident that took place in 2016 in Florida occurred with a car acting on autopilot happened because the car failed to detect a parked car as an avoidable, stopped, object. Clearly, this makes any white truck a problem for a driverless or autopilot car.

Negligence of Product Defect?

Driverless cars are bridging a gap between two segments of law, traffic laws, and manufacturer defects. When a crash happens between two cars, it’s often a simple matter of negligence. But when it comes to driverless cars, there is a clear risk of defective products.

Car manufacturers are well-known for cutting corners whenever possible, and there’s no reason to believe that these cars are above manufacturers’ defects. Product defect is not the same as manufacturer negligence, and it’s difficult for lawyers to sort the two out.

A lawyer can help you dig deep into the legalities of the driverless vehicles. Driverless vehicles are open to negligence, manufacturer negligence, and product defects. People aren’t able to sort through these issues on their own.

Resource a lawyer to help you find out what happened between you and this driverless car.

Contact Tampa Car Accident Attorneys for Help

Winters and Yonker law offices have helped the victims of car accidents for years, and they’re ready to move forward into the future. It’s no surprise that these driverless vehicles are bringing up concerns regarding the lack of human attention on changing road conditions.

These fears are made more real with more crashes reported from driverless Uber vehicles and even autopiloted cars that have a human overseeing the car’s performance if you were in a crash with a driverless vehicle you have a tough legal fight ahead of you.

Our accident attorneys at Winters and Yonker are ready to help you through this difficult case.

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