Early Holiday Season Injuries to Anticipate

Early Holiday Season Injuries to Anticipate

The holidays can put everyone on edge, but what most people don’t realize is that the holiday season begins in October. There are a few scary and startling stats our Tampa personal injury attorneys have noticed for holiday season injuries specific to Halloween. When taking a look at the environment of Halloween; however, it’s no surprise!

Vehicle Safety Concerns

Nearly 63% of children that trick-or-treat don’t use a flashlight, while 82% of parents don’t put reflective tape on their children. Ultimately, the risk of serious injury and death is put on the kids. The hope that they’ll cross the street carefully is not enough. Drivers need to take  care to avoid residential areas if at all possible.

Even then if you’re driving through town on Halloween night, or in an area that celebrates Halloween on the weekend, then be careful. Keep in mind that even driving very slowly can result in a child’s death.

Then there is the concern for hitting other vehicles. Many people, including inexperienced teen drivers, frustrated parents, and intoxicated drivers, are trying to navigate these streets at the same time. Always be on the lookout for accidents with other drivers.

If you’re walking with children, it’s best to part further, and walk a little more. Rather than risk hitting a person or another vehicle. If you or your child are injured by a vehicle during Halloween, make sure to contact a personal injury attorney.

Fires and Other Household Hazards

Although many have transitioned from traditional tea-light candles to LED tea-light replicas, there are still numerous fires every year. Household fires lead to many holiday season injuries, specifically unexpected injuries for visitors. When inviting people over for a Halloween party, or having kids come by to trick-or-treat, ditch the candles.

Fires are one of the many injuries that could make a homeowner the liable party in a personal injury case. The situation is that fire is preventable. Between October 30th to November 1st, there are more daily household fires, injuries from residential fires, and property damage. These hazards don’t just come from forgotten candles either. Neglected cooking and heating elements play a major role.

Even when tending to children, don’t leave your stove or oven unattended. Unplug countertop cooking devices such as crockpots and turn off your burners. Finally, choose LED candle look-a-likes rather than real candles. They pose virtually no risk when it comes to forgetting that they are out or leaving home.

Property Damage and Risks

Is it any surprise that the stitch of All Hallows Eve to All Saint’s Day comes with a substantial amount of vandalism? October 31st comes with the highest number of vandalism claims. However, people often forget the aspects of injury which come with vandalism.

A teen climbing onto a roof of a home may slip on poorly kept roofing, which could lead to a lawsuit against the homeowner. Then there are the people who sneak through residential areas in dark clothes with no reflective gear while they attempt to stage their next vandalism. Walking around in dark clothes sets up people for pedestrian-vehicle accidents.

Property damage can also put the completely unsuspecting at risk. Someone walking down the street could slip on a cracked open pumpkin, raw egg, or stretch of upheaved dirt. That one slip can result in tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for a lower back or neck injury. There is only so much that pedestrians can do to protect themselves from the mischief that happens on Halloween.

To be on the safer side, always walk with a flashlight so you can see anything on the ground in front of you. Additionally, don’t head into any area that is not clearly marked for visitors. You don’t want to run into an unfriendly dog accidentally.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney About Your Holiday Season Injuries

For anyone who falls victim to the pranks, inattentive drivers, or hosted fires on Halloween, contact a Tampa personal injury law firm. You can be sure that the lawyers of Winters & Yonker are available to help you close your case. Schedule a consultation to learn if there is anyone that you can hold responsible for your holiday season injuries. Given the nature of Halloween, it’s likely that a homeowner or vehicle driver is responsible. They either should have practiced greater care or should have protected the pedestrians who would be near their home.

Of course, you should always make safety plans. But if you do find yourself as the victim of a Halloween gone wrong, contact an attorney. The law offices of Winters & Yonker help the victims of personal injury throughout the Tampa, FL area. Call now or request a consultation online.

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