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Unfortunately, anyone can get in an accident at any point in time. However, if you’ve actually gotten into a car accident and have suffered injuries as a result of it, then it is essential that you get a car accident attorney. You should do so as soon as you can so that all the details of the accident are accurately recorded so you can get full compensation for your injuries.

An East Lake car accident lawyer is important because they will put the case together by gathering all the necessary evidence and documents. They will also negotiate your settlement on your behalf and ensure that you get the right amount in compensation that is owed to you due to your injuries. If you need a skilled car accident attorney and you’re located in Florida, then give our East Lake personal injury lawyers a call.

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Car Accident Statistics in East Lake

Sadly, in East Lake, Florida, there have already been around 17,000 automobile accident cases where 11,000 of those were actually fatal accidents. Out of all these car accidents, around 400 of them were due to substance abuse such as drugs or alcohol.

What Does It Cost To Get Help From A Car Accident Attorney?

The main reason why you should get a qualified and certified lawyer is that it will reduce your chances that the insurance company will not give you your compensation. Depending on your injuries and how bad they are, your attorney could get you anywhere between $15,000 – $30,000 in a settlement. This settlement will also include the pain and distress caused due to the accident. You can expect to pay around 25% of your settlement to your lawyer as their fee.

What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

Right after the accident has occurred, you should call the police if you are conscious. You should not leave the area where the accident occurred since this will disrupt the scene and the photos and statements would not be fully correct. Once you’ve called the police, be sure to check on the other persons involved in the accident. If they are relatively okay, then make sure that you get their details, contact information, etc as well as provide them with your own details. Also, make sure to use your phone to record the scene of the accident before the scene changes.

Next, you should get medical help, even if you seem to have relatively minor injuries. You should not make any statements, especially ones where you say that you’re at fault for the accident. Instead, call a car accident lawyer as soon as you can, after you’ve finished the above tasks.

How is Fault Determined in an East Lake, FL, Car Accident?

There are actually 4 categories in Florida that are used to determine fault. These include:

  1. What caused the accident
  2. Duty of care – This basically means that the driver is responsible for ensuring the well being of other people who are using the road.
  3. Breach of duty – This is if there was any neglect when it comes to following traffic rules.
  4. Damages that occurred due to the accident.

A lawyer filing an injury claim for a client injured in an East Lake car accident.

Evidence will be used based on police reports, witness reports etc. If there is information from videos or photos from your phone, then these will also be utilized to determine fault.

Why Is A Lawyer Necessary For A Florida Car Accident Claim?

A lawyer is necessary because they actually help to figure out the monetary value of the injuries incurred. This means that you need a professional and experienced lawyer that can fully evaluate the accident and injuries and determine how much compensation you should receive. This will ensure that you get justice.

Deals With Insurance Companies

Once you have been in an accident and are in shock and are dealing with your injuries, it is typically impossible for you to also deal with the insurance companies. These companies are very difficult to deal with since you will have to go to them numerous times before they actually look at your claim. Also, the insurance adjusters don’t have your interest at heart and are actually trained to make sure that you get the least compensation possible. As a result, a quality car accident lawyer is quite necessary to help you handle the insurance companies.

Helps You Get A Good Settlement

In order to get the full compensation you deserve, you definitely need a good attorney who is experienced when it comes to handling insurance adjusters. Remember, these insurance adjusters work tirelessly all day, every day to negotiate various claims and settlements and to do so in favor of their insurance company. As a result, you definitely need a great lawyer who is quite experienced and intelligent to negotiate on your behalf and get you a fair settlement.

Helps You Understand The Law

The majority of insurance companies use tricks and take advantage of your lack of experience and knowledge to ensure they pay out the lowest compensation. However, when you have an experienced lawyer, they will fully represent you and ensure that the insurance company doesn’t pull a “fast one” on you. The lawyer will ensure that you know all of the steps you need to take and that you get your rightful compensation.

What Damages Can You Recover From A Car Accident Claim?

When making a car accident claim you can receive compensation for:

Damage to Property

This is any damage to your vehicle that occurred due to the accident. It also refers to any other belongings that got damaged in the accident.

Medical Bills

When you get treated at the hospital, be sure that you get your receipts. The person who is responsible for the accident will have to pay these bills. They will also have to pay for the amount of time you spend at the hospital.

A man calling the authorities after being in a rear-end car accident.

Lost Income

Due to being in an accident and at the hospital, your daily life would be affected. As a result, you will not be able to work for some time. So, you will have to be compensated for your lost wages due to your injuries and inability to work.

Suffering and Pain Caused by the Accident

Many people incur numerous psychological problems after being in a car accident. You will need to be compensated for this. Additionally, you can file a charge against the responsible person and even get their driver’s license revoked.

How Much Time Do I Have To File A Car Accident Claim In Florida?

In the state of Florida, you only have up to 10 days to report the vehicular accident. In the event that you’ve been in a serious accident, then you will have as many as 4 years from the day of the accident in order to file a personal injury claim. If you lost a loved one in a car crash, you have two years to file a wrongful death claim.

What To Do If Your Claim Is Denied?

If your claim is denied, then you can refile, especially if you have additional evidence to show that you are owed compensation. We can actually handle refiling your claim as well as work with the insurance company so that they can reconsider. In the event that they refuse, we can file a case against the company due to their actions.

Contact an East Lake Car Accident Lawyer

Having an automobile accident attorney is definitely a great idea if you’ve been in an accident. You can focus on getting better while we focus on getting you your rightful compensation. Give our East Lake injury firm a call and we will get you the compensation you are owed for your damages.

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