How to Protect Yourself against Electrical Burns in Tampa, FL

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An electric burn occurs when a current enters your body. Electrical burns in Tampa, FL could prove to be life-threatening and may damage internal organs as well. According to Occupational Injury and Fatality Statistics, 166 people died due to electric shocks in 2019, which was a significant increase of 3.75% from the year 2018. Most of the deaths occurred when individuals came in contact with open electrical sources. These burgeoning numbers are reflective of the fact that health and safety standards are not being met which is risking the lives of people.

To change this dreadful reality, it is important that one should know how to protect themselves from electrical burns. Many such incidents have been recorded in Tampa, Florida as well. Multiple reasons have been cited for such electrical burns in Tampa, FL, but no solid action has been taken by authorities to curb such unfortunate accidents. Whether it is open electrical connections, hanging wires, or unearthed devices, electrical hazards could be a potential death hazard.

Protecting Yourself from Electrical Burns in Tampa, FL

Here are a few ways through which you can protect yourself against electrical burns:

1. Properly Seal Electrical Outlets:

Children love to play with electrical outlets and are often seen poking their fingers into sockets. This could be life-threatening therefore, it is important to seal all electrical sockets and points in your home so there is no such incident. Often people tend to take the problem of open sockets very casually and days pass before they take any action of sealing them. However, what they fail to realize is the fact that these open sockets can become a sudden threat.

Sometimes you might be just casually putting your mobile charger in the socket and due to a loose or open wire; you may get an immediate shock. Even if the intensity of the shock is not high, it could still cause significant damage. If one wants to stay away from such incidents, then you must get all sockets checked and sealed.

2. No Damp Conditions:

Damp surfaces are another major cause of electrical shocks or burns. Electrical devices such as irons, toasters, and food factories should never be placed near a water outlet such as a sink.

Even if there is a minimal amount of water on these devices, a spark can be produced and the user may experience a shock as well. Similarly, if you have observed that water has been spilled near an electrical socket then dry the surface immediately. Damp conditions could sharply increase the chances of electrocution and risk the lives of individuals.

3. Detect Worn Out Electrical Wiring:

Inspect the wiring at your home or office regularly. Electrical wires could wear out after a certain time due to which they can become a reason for a shock or burn. Ensure that all electrical cords have sufficient insulation so one does not come into direct contact with these wires. If you see a worn-out wire in your home, then do not randomly pull it out. Instead, contact an expert electrician so he/she can properly remove the wire in a way where there are no risks involved.

4. Protect Cords:

Mice and rats could sometimes chew electrical cords, damaging the plastic covering and exposing the wires. This could amplify the chances of electrical burns or shocks. Sometimes exposed wiring can even lead to short circuits. Therefore, metal-clad wiring is preferred by people because there are fewer chances of damage and it stays strong for a long time.

How Can Personal Injury Lawyers in Tampa, FL Prove to be Helpful?

By learning how to protect yourself against electrical burns one could reduce the risks involved when it comes to Electrical Burns in Tampa, FL. However, sometimes these incidents occur unexpectedly. For example, you are visiting an office or a restaurant and get an electric burn or shock from a device.

In such cases, it is the responsibility of the organization to provide you medical care but many companies run away from such claims. One can contact a competent personal injury lawyer to hold these organizations liable and to claim insurance. Professional lawyers can build a strong case on your behalf and get you compensated for the loss or damages experienced by you.

Contact our Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys for Claims

Personal injury lawyers in Tampa Bay have years of experience in dealing with such cases.  Therefore, by contacting reliable and experienced lawyers, you can make your life a lot easier at such a testing time. Suffering from an electrical burn could be very painful and your lawyer could be a priceless asset in this case. It’s better to never ignore their importance and contact them as soon as you face such a situation.

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