Is a Bicycle Hit-And-Run a Car Accident or Personal Injury Case?


There’s some struggle that many face after becoming the victim of a hit-and-run. It’s one of the few times that Florida’s no-fault rules come in handy, but what about a bicycle hit-and-run? Typically, you would use your UIM or uninsured motorist coverage in another state, but with no-fault, it just goes through the same PIP process.

Personal Protection Insurance should stand to provide compensation for any type of injury that involves a vehicle. However, that insurance company will want to see the full extent of possible actions before committing to justifying your claim. That may mean you need to pursue criminal charges, and ultimately, you may want to push forward with a personal injury case against the person. A personal injury attorney in Tampa, Florida can help you with that.

Should You Contact Your Car Insurance Company?

Yes, although you weren’t driving, this accident involved a vehicle. Even in at-fault states, some pedestrians and bike riders can access coverage through their policies for hit-and-run situations. In a no-fault state, including Florida, it may be the fastest and easiest way to get coverage for your damages. Given that you were on a bike, it’s likely that you’ll have rather high medical bills to handle.

Getting through the medical debt, and then all that time you lost at work isn’t easy. The Florida Bicycle Association gives some advice on handling crashes. Their advice is to, basically, handle the crash like any other wreck. You need to preserve evidence, give a statement to the police, and report it to your insurance company.

Will You Have Coverage for a Bicycle Hit-and-Run?

Yes, Personal Injury Protection insurance will cover your injuries no matter what exactly happened. Basically, if those injuries came from a car, in any way, then you have the right to file with your PIP coverage.

However, only a few people realize the full extent of PIP coverage and how to make a claim to get the most compensation possible. For example, many people believe that PIP only covers medical damages. That’s not quite the case. In fact, PIP can also cover income loss and the cost of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can include occupational rehabilitation, physical therapy, and other forms of rehab you may need during your recovery.

When you’re involved in a hit-and-run, it might seem like you need to leave everything to the police. Tampa police officers are well-known for thorough investigations, but not for having the best communication skills. It can seem nearly impossible to get in touch with someone, and ultimately, you’re just the victim. That’s right. It means that as the victim, you have a right to some information, but you’re not at all involved in the case or investigation.

The Odds of Police Finding The Driver and Pressing Charges

In regard to the investigation, the police now have pretty good odds of resolving hit-and-run cases. Thanks to the widespread use of dashcams, outdoor business surveillance, and traffic cameras, it’s often not difficult to identify the vehicle in a bicycle hit-and-run. However, locating that vehicle and the driver does come with some struggle.

Pressing charges is almost always a given. Those charges can even help you to prove that you have grounds to move forward with a case. Because of the no-fault laws, the Florida legal system doesn’t see an overload of car accident cases in civil court. Typical, each insurance company takes care of its driver, and then everyone moves on with their lives. However, when you have something extreme or that caused extreme damage, you can pursue a civil case.

Often when looking at whether a civil case has grounds or merit to proceed for a car accident, there should be a few key factors. Either someone should have been intoxicated, driving aggressively, acting with extreme carelessness, or similar. As a bicycle rider, you can argue that this driver was acting both carelessly and aggressively. They did not do anything to attempt to act with your safety in mind.

Moving Forward With a Personal Injury Attorney For Your Lawsuit

It is absolutely critical that you go through the process of finding a personal injury law firm in Tampa, Florida. Because car accidents in Florida go through the PIP system, you might have the opportunity to obtain some recovery on your own. But a bicycle hit-and-run is egregious enough that you should have no problem filing for a personal injury lawsuit to pursue the remainder of the damages.

Car accident cases typically revolve around two people being in a two or more vehicle crash. When you’re the victim, and you were bicycling or walking, then things become murky. You can get this all sorted out with Winters & Yonker of Tampa, FL.

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