How Do Car Seats Protect Your Infant in a Crash?

Car Seats

If your child was injured in a wreck, a local automobile accident attorney can help you recover compensation.

Every parent relies on car seats or boosters to help protect their children. At some point, a weight and height requirement that has changed frequently, your children will be big enough to brave the perils of a wreck. But why do we put our kids in extra-protection? The answer is obvious but has many underlying layers that contribute to improved safety conditions.

The science behind car seats is extensive, and if not properly installed, can even pose a hazard. How do car seats offer more protection, and at what point do they provide life-saving intervention? Your crash without your car seat could have been much worse.

Why Do Car Seats Work?

Car seats offer another layer of security that contains the extent of movement of a child. During a crash, you may notice that your passengers, and even coffee cup forward as the vehicle slams to a stop. That movement that is ongoing is because those objects and people were in motion, and they will do everything possible to stay in motion.

But, when the motion is interrupted, then the object or person’s trajectory will change, but not stop. The car seat gives a cushioned and well-designed structure for the little ones. More protection than what you can provide with a simple seatbelt.

With your car seat in place, it can only deliver the extent of protection that you can offer if you follow all the rules. The rules regarding the car seat are extensive and difficult to follow through on all of them.

The infant’s car seat must be in the back row and must face rear for as long as possible or until they outgrow rear-facing car seats. The purpose of the rear-facing is to keep the baby’s spine and head safely away from the impact of airbags.

Do You Have to Replace a Car Seat After Every Crash?

The old guidance was that the car seat must not be used after once crash. The concept around this was that the plastic or any of its parts could become compromised. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has new guidelines.

If you can drive away from the crash safely without the need for a tow truck, then you probably don’t need to replace it. If the infant was injured, then you must replace it. When there was no property damage, you probably don’t need to replace it. If the side curtain airbags went off, then you probably need to replace the car seat.

Any crack, warp, or damage to the plastic calls for immediate replacement. However, there are times that come when you may need to replace the car seat per the manufacturer’s instruction. For example, Graco requires that all of their car seats get replaced after any crash. Without that replacement, another crash that leads to an injury could result in the owner of the seat being held responsible for damages.

Can You Get Compensation for the Loss of the Car Seat?

Yes, typically you will receive compensation for some portion of the value of your car seat.  The usual replacement is about $50, which surely is not enough to buy a new car seat. It is one of the times when you have to consider the full extent of the use of the car seat. Just like your car, the car seat has lost value from the time that you took it out of the box.

That means that among your other debt, you’re stuck replacing a car seat that may otherwise be fine for use. Graco and other manufacturers use those requirements in their user manuals and issue warnings knowing that people can’t go without a car seat.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Car Accident After a Crash

When an infant is hurt in a car crash, it’s terrible. Often more terrible than a typical injury because you’re looking at a tiny person who couldn’t help it at all. Get the right attorney for these types of wrecks to call for an experienced and compassionate hand. At Winters & Yonker in Tampa, we focus on providing a pleasant and helpful experience for every client.

Bring your case to our car wreck injury law office in Tampa to find the attorney for your crash. Filing a claim with injuries if often confusing, and many will never recover the full amount of their medical debt. Have a professional car accident lawyer focus on getting you the maximum amount of compensation possible. Winters & Yonker uses a team of attorneys and experts to build a strong case and aggressive negotiations.

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