What is the Role of a Car Insurance Company in a Wreck?

Tampa Auto Wreck

Car insurance in Florida provides drivers and passengers with coverage for their injuries and the property damage resulting from the crash. That often happens without a hitch, but it doesn’t mean that it happens in the right way, or that the drivers get everything that they actually need. You might need a Tampa auto wreck lawyer to get anything from your collision.

Financial Support within the Extent of Your Coverage

The extent of your coverage goes as far as your insurance coverage. With PIP coverage, it means that you decide how much coverage you have, which puts you in control. The absolute minimum coverage is $10,000 for bodily injury and $10,000 for property damage. An ambulance ride and Emergency Room visit can easily run $10,000, depending on the tests you need.

So what happens if you exceed your coverage? It means that on top of your deductible, you’re financially responsible for the remainder of your medical bills and property damage. When it comes to property damage, you may not receive the full value of your call when it’s totaled. Most people receive only a small portion of what their vehicle is worth.

When looking for financial support, your options might be slim. Usually, people can’t get disability because they won’t be missing work for more than 12 months. Additionally, they may not be able to access short term disability plans that they pay for if they don’t meet the requirements for that.

If you’re struggling for financial support and feel overwhelmed by medical bills, you should go through a Tampa attorney. Attorneys might not seem like a source for financial support, but they can help you try to maximize your claim and facilitate the resolution process. It’s the support that many people need to get and don’t feel is accessible. Legal help is affordable and accessible.

Florida’s PIP Coverage and Changing How Insurance Acts with Drivers

PIP coverage is Personal Injury Protection, and that means that you get what you pay for, literally. Instead of going through another driver’s insurance policy for the compensation, you go to your own. People in an at-fault state often find themselves wishing that there was a no-fault system. But there’s a reason why the no-fault system is only in use in a few different states.

For Florida, it provides security that you don’t have to worry about uninsured or underinsured drivers. But, it does have a downside. If you have the basic requirements, then you’re putting yourself at risk, and you may not have options for further compensation.

When drivers feel wronged by another driver or that the crash was definitely the other person’s fault, then it seems unfair that they should have to pay for anything. The PIP system definitely changes how people feel about wrecks and insurance. There are typically fewer altercations at crash sites because there is no argument about the fault. It also means that there’s the opportunity to apologize or talk about the crash without risking your coverage or compensation.

Will You Need a Tampa Auto Wreck Lawyer?

Most crash victims don’t know what they really do need an attorney. They may not have a full scope of understanding on their medical bills, or how their other financial struggles have been impacted. Because PIP insurance doesn’t cover pain or suffering, it may be a struggle to get compensation for the other factors of your claim.

Thins such s transportation expenses while you’re out of a vehicle, or help around the house while your recovering can fall into the cracks. A Tampa auto wreck lawyer will work with experts to identify the full scope of damages that you’ve experienced and help to craft a demand statement that covers everything you could possibly claim.

How Should You Go Through Finding a Tampa Auto Wreck Lawyer for your Claim?

Working with a Tampa car crash law firm is something that many people try to put off, but they shouldn’t. An attorney doesn’t mean that you’ll need to go through a long and drawn-out legal process. Instead, you need help, and that help comes through legal advice, explanation, and support.

It can be a challenge to understand why your insurance company that you pay for coverage suddenly is against you. The issues that come with the no-fault system can leave victims in financial hardship for years after a wreck when they should have stood by you and given you the support that you need.

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