Who Can You Sue if Your Plane Crashes in Tampa, Florida?

Who Can I Sue For a Plane Crash Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

It seems as if more commercial planes are crashing these last few years. Although they say that it’s safer to travel by plane than it is by car, the idea of a plane crash is still terrifying. When we see footage of a plane that’s gone down, it brings to mind the most terrible images. Florida is one of the biggest vacation spots in America. Snowbirds go there for the winter. High school kids go there for spring break. Families take their kids there for Disney World year after year. The fact that a plane could crash in Florida gets more and more real every day. So who can you sue if your plane crashes in Tampa, Florida?
If you lost a loved one in a plane crash, you’re going to want to hold someone responsible. The problem is – who do you blame? Is it the pilot’s fault? Or, was there a mechanical failure? It really depends on how the accident happened as to who you’ll pursue.
Your Tampa personal injury attorney will make sure he files suit against all potential defendants. There could be multiple defendants named in your case, so you want to make sure you name all of them initially. If you wait until midway through your lawsuit, you may not be able to name them as defendants.

Your Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Knows What Causes Plane Crashes

In order to understand who may be responsible for a plane crash, you need to look at what causes most plane crashes. Who your pursue will depend on what caused the crash.
Some of the most common causes for plane crashes are:

  • Pilot Error: Of all plane crashes, about half of them are caused by pilot error. It’s hard to imagine that this is possible with how much things are controlled electronically. However, pilot error can still directly cause a plane to crash. This could be anything from failure to maintain fuel estimates to improperly programming their flight plan.
  • Mechanical Failure: About 20% of all crashes are caused by mechanical failure. The plane could suffer from fan blade damage. Or, the engine itself can malfunction. There is some amazing technology that helps prevent a lot of accidents. However, mistakes still happen.
  • Weather: A lot of airports ground their planes in extreme weather such as snow and ice. However, most planes still take off despite inclement weather. Storms, snow and fog are the leading types of weather that can cause a plane crash. Once that plane is up in the air, there’s nothing to do but push through the bad weather.
  • Sabotage: Although there is not as much of this on commercial airlines, sabotage does happen. It could be done by terrorists. Or, an employee may hold a grudge against the airline that causes him to do something he shouldn’t.
  • Other Human Error: There are more people involved in the airline industry than just pilots. There could be issues by the mechanics or grounds crew. Someone at air traffic control could make a fatal mistake.

Your attorney knows these are the most common causes. He will have his experts review your file and see which of these may be the cause of the accident.

Your Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Will Determine Who is at Fault

Once they’ve determined the cause for your plane crash, your Tampa personal injury attorney needs to find out who is to blame. This could include more than one party.
Most airplane crashes result in lawsuits against more than one party. Some of the defendants named in your suit may include:

  • Owner or Operator: If you’re traveling by private plane, the owner or operator would be named in the lawsuit. So would his insurance carrier. The owner is ultimately liable for any injuries caused while on his plane.
  • Airline: If your plane was a commercial plane, you would have to file suit against the airline. If the pilots work for the airline, the company is responsible for any pilot error or negligence.
  • Manufacturer: If there was a defective component or mechanical failure, the manufacturer of the plane may be liable for your injuries.
  • Pilot: In some cases, you may have to name the actual pilot as a defendant. Your attorney can review your case and see if you need to do this.

Contact a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Today

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Call and schedule your free initial consultation today. You can sit down and ask any questions you may have. And remember – you pay nothing until you settle your case.

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