What Can I Do To Prove That The Driver Who Hit Me Was Texting And Driving?

texting and driving in Tampa, FL

There is no longer any question that texting and driving is a dangerous habit. Even though many states have enacted laws to prevent this habit, people continue to text and drive. Almost on a daily basis texting and driving-linked car accidents are in the media. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration warns that texting and driving is far more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. More people are in car accidents while texting than while drunk. Talk to a car accident lawyer prove that the driver who hit you was texting and driving Tampa, FL.
The exact number of accidents caused by drivers who have been texting is not known, but the numbers are not minuscule. In fact, most drivers will never admit to texting even when involved in a car accident. If you were involved in an accident involving a driver who was texting and driving, and you’re wondering how you can prove it, talk to a Tampa auto accident attorney. They will advise you as to how you should proceed.

Is The Driver Who Was Texting and Driving Liable?

Legally speaking, every state including Florida has regulations that require drivers to obey traffic laws and to ensure that other drivers around them are safe. Engaging in activities like texting and driving is very dangerous by leading transportation authorities. Texting and driving is a negligent act and thus any driver that engages in texting while driving is liable if caught or if they cause an accident.  Any driver who texts and drives and causes an accident is fully responsible for all the damage and injuries that they inflict on other drivers and passengers. If hit by a distracted driver, talk to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

How Can You Tell If The Accident Was Caused by Texting and Driving?

In many cases, you will see the driver texting and driving before the accident. This is a common observation not only on the city roads but also on the highways. If there is an accident involving that driver, you should always tell the police what you saw. Additionally, if the driver has a cell phone when the accident occurred, law enforcement officers can check the device. Of course, the majority of drivers who text and drive will deny that they were texting. Your car accident lawyer can give you more information in this regard.
As far as you’re concerned, you should also note down any important details if you can after the accident. Take as many images as possible of the scene of the accident. Law enforcement can check the cell phone records and know the exact time and location.. In most cases, the authorities will need to subpoena the driver’s phone company for these phone records. You have to tell the police that the other driver was texting and driving when they hit you Your car accident attorney can also help you get the evidence you need to prove that the driving was texting.
Also, make sure that you seek medical attention after the accident. Putting off treatment can make it difficult to prove that your pain or injuries were due to the accident. Provide your doctor with all relevant details of the accident and record all your injuriesYour medical report is a piece of evidence that your car wreck lawyer will use when filing a compensation claim.

Should I See A Lawyer?

If involved in a car accident, seek assistance from a car accident lawyer. Call our office at Winters and Yonker and talk to our car accident attorney in Tampa, FL. Our car accident lawyer will help you prove that the driver was texting and driving when they hit you. Call us today and see how we can help you get the justice you deserve.

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