Who Is Responsible for Scooter Accidents?

Picture of a scooter from the back.

As a pedestrian, driver, or fellow scooter rider, bird and other scooter companies are causing injuries. These scooters are not only a hazard when someone is riding them, but they’re a hazard as they’re left all over major cities, including Tampa.
Who is left picking up the pieces? As motorized scooters aren’t vehicles, many car insurance companies are avoiding paying out even in cases where a pedestrian was hit. Usually, pedestrian accidents can receive compensation through their own uninsured motorist coverage, contact a Tampa Bay personal injury lawyer for more information.
Many people are taking their complaints to the company itself. There are three primary companies behind mobile-accessed and motorized scooters. These companies have put a lot of protection around themselves when it comes to legal attacks. That doesn’t mean that you can’t protect yourself and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Will Insurance Cover My Injuries?

Insurance companies are quick to direct the problem to someone else. The predominant issue is that your health insurance company is not going to cover everything. You’ll have copayments, and you’ll probably miss work as well.
While your bills are building up and you’re unable to work, how can you avoid falling into financial pitfalls? Insurance will only cover so much.
If you have uninsured motorist coverage through your car insurance, it might seem like there’s another option. That’s not the case though. Car insurance companies will often point the finger to the scooter company instead. Then it becomes a game of pass-the-blame.

Will the Manufacturer Pay for Anything?

There’s a ton of ambiguity when it comes to getting the manufacturer or the company behind the scooters to pay for anything. The manufacturers often disclaim liability for an accident. The user agreement often waives a lot of risks and puts the user as the responsible party.
However, there’s a lot of instances that when it comes to scooter failure or the inability to control the device. Many people have issues with the lack of training or usability that comes with electric scooters.
Essentially the terms that someone agrees to when they start using the scooter put them as responsible for a variety of injuries and even property damage. But the companies don’t provide helmets a basic right to safety.

Distracted, Impaired and Even Reckless Drivers

Scooters are just as susceptible when it comes to distractions and impairments as any other motorized device. When it comes to distractions, scooters are often seen as a toy. But the view as a toy makes it seem like a harmless device.
Many people are seen using social media and texting while using the scooters. Additionally, there’s nothing to stop impaired people from starting up a scooter. The only requirement is to set up an app on the phone. However, impairment leads to many injuries. These scooters are leading to many injuries, and they’re available in city areas that have numerous clubs and bars.
Ultimately it even boils down to reckless drivers. People are driving electric scooters in a way that puts pedestrians and other riders at risk. It’s difficult for anyone to explain to these companies that there is always the risk of people renting these scooters to wreak havoc.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Tampa

It is difficult to determine liability and personal injury issues with electric scooters such as Bird, Jump, Spin, and even Rides. These companies use a business model that has a huge opportunity for risk when it comes to the general public and even their users.
Handling these cases needs precision. There are legal issues at play, and there are no set rules or laws in place that cover all the possibilities of injury and accidents. It’s important to make sure that you have someone who is willing to stand up to a company that believes that they have enough legal protection in place.

Get the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa

The attorneys at Winters and Yonker help the victims of personal injury in a wide variety of situations while scooters fall in the grey area between personal injury form property issues and manufacturers and car wrecks.
Scooters don’t fall into a vehicle category, but they are proving to come with a massive range of injuries. So, what can you do to get compensation for your injuries? Working with a lawyer is your best bet to seek compensation as they can advise you on different legal courses and options.
Consult with a lawyer from Winters and Yonker today to learn more about the specifics of your case. You can connect with a Tampa Bay personal injury attorney and find out how you can seek compensation from these upstart companies that put scooters in your city.

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