Do You Need an Attorney for a Rear-End Crash?

Do you need a Tampa auto accident attorney, and does a car crash really call for one? If you’re thinking about going through the claims system alone, then take a moment and read through these common obstacles that drivers face. Although the rear-end crash is among the most common types of accidents, it doesn’t mean that it’s simple, straight forward, or easy to resolve.
Because of how many people attempt to make these situations seem way more simple than they are, people reduce the value of the damage done in these wrecks. Insurance companies for years have created a narrative that rear-end collisions are so common that they’re not really worth looking into past the damage to the vehicle. They’ve even gone so far as to make whiplash nearly synonymous with fraud, which is outlandish. These are the reasons that you should probably bring in a legal professional.

The Case Seems So Simple – Too Simple

As mentioned above, these cases are often oversimplified, and big issues are made to seem like it’s nothing special. These cases aren’t as simple as someone was following you too closely, or that you braked harder than the other driver expected. Florida’s system for collision resolutions is no-fault based, and that means that you don’t really have to worry about proving fault.
What you need to do is to shift your attention toward your medical expenses and damages. Even in a “simple” case, you should go through your medical team’s findings and pull out the information that proves the severity of your injuries or the damage. This can include information about your hospital stay, diagnosis, time cards for lost time at work, and even homecare expenses that you needed because of the crash.

Isn’t Fault Always Clear in a Rear-End Collision?

It is clear, but in Florida, you don’t have to worry about fault at all. Instead, you’ll need to figure out how to closely manage your finances while you go through the claims process for your PIP insurance.
When it comes to PIP insurance, you can seek compensation for any pain and suffering or other non-economic damages except in very serious situations. It’s very unlikely that your rear-end collision would have resulted in the loss of a limb or ability to perform daily functions such as dressing yourself.
In those cases, the fault may come into play if you’ve gone past the PIP coverage of your policy, and the other person was clearly at fault and caused substantial damage. But there’s no guarantee that you have a case at all or if there’s any chance to recover the additional financial losses. In those times, you should definitely spend some time with an attorney in Tampa to evaluate your options.

Writing It Off An “No Big Deal”

Insurance companies will typically see your rear-end collision claim and state that it’s no big deal. In fact, they may try to put those words right into your mouth. Whenever you’re talking about your case with an insurance representative, you might have issues avoiding questions such as, “Oh, was it a bad accident?” These questions set up people in accidents or wrecks to downplay their situation and decrease the value of their crash.
Through the negotiations or settlement steps, your insurance company will continue to come back and report that you said the crash wasn’t a big deal. Your neck trauma or soft tissue damage must not be that bad if the crash wasn’t a bad crash. It’s ridiculous how insurance companies fight to write off a collision as something insignificant.

Fight For What You Need With a Tampa Auto Accident Attorney

The issue that many people experience after a rear-end collision is that insurance companies and the at-fault driver make it seem like no big deal. To that extent, the victim is often left feeling like a neglected toddler, shouting, “Yes, it is.” Winters & Yonker have a complete legal team that understands that a rear-end collision should never be down-played or reduced to a simple scenario.
Our staff works hard to build cases that showcase or expose the true extent of the damages. We work with experts, your medical team, and go through all the evidence available to support your claim from start to finish. Get help now by contacting our Tampa auto accident injury law firm.

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