What Damages Can You Seek in a Tampa Personal Injury Case?


Personal injury cases hardly ever come with only medical bills involved. People miss work, are unable to perform daily activities easily, and experience other forms of loss. The most common cause of personal injury cases involves auto accidents. Car wrecks are known for leaving people with severe injuries that can lead to months or years of medical treatment.
Other forms of personal injury, including catastrophic injury, may change the course of your life entirely. It’s important to identify how you can take action to recover a sense of normalcy in your life. After an accident or an incident, take care. Focus on your recovery and work with a Tampa personal injury lawyer to closely track and report what damages you can attempt to seek compensation for through legal action.

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Damages You Can Seek in a Tampa Personal Injury Case


Physical damages are always easier to work within that they are easier to prove and come with a set value. Medical bills, medical care, property damages, and lost wages are vital aspects of full and fair compensation.

Medical Bills

Tracking your medical expenses can be difficult, and many find that hiring a lawyer makes the entire lot easier. That way, you can work with a lean against your settlement rather than feeling the pressure of medical bills being outstanding in your name.
Include all medical bills in your compensation demand. You are even filling prescriptions and lab work that you paid for out of pocket.

Future Medical Care

If your injuries will require you to have ongoing or continued medical care, you will need to plan for that expense and seek compensation for it. Medical care can be costly, and if you need something administered by a medical professional, it can be even more expensive. Be sure that you work with a financial planner and medical expert to have an appropriate value ready for this portion of your compensation request.

Property Damages

Property damages are often left to the insurance companies to decipher. However, if you don’t agree with their valuation, you can seek out another opinion. After an accident, people are often left without a car, or with substantial property damage to their homes.

Lost Wages

The time you spent off of work could factor into your compensation even if you received a disability during that time. You can rely on your employer, and tax records for proof of the time spent away from work due to your injuries.


Emotional pain is difficult to put a value on as you feel strongly about something that generally may not bother someone else. These are frequent parts of claims for emotional damages:

Changes in Plans

If you were meant to go on vacation, start a new job, or had your wedding planned and then the accident left you in the hospital these are serious expenses. Not only do you have the physical aspect, which is the costs or expenses to change these plans but the emotional stress as well.

Mental Anguish

Anxiety and PTSD are now commonplace side effects of major accidents. Car wrecks may leave you unable to get into a vehicle again. How can you manage that in your daily life? Work with a medical professional to show the extent of your mental anguish.

Pain and Suffering

This umbrella term of pain and suffering covers a wide range of injuries, both physical and emotional. When considering the emotional aspects of pain and suffering, plaintiffs often include:

  • Grief
  • Worry
  • Fear
  • Insomnia
  • Inconvenience
  • Loss of enjoyment in life


An accident or incident which leads to personal injury can change lives. It may derail your career, or even take a loved one too soon.
When dealing with the loss, you will need to prove some aspects and then rely on the human element for others. Loss of future earnings, such as being unable to perform duties required for your career path physically will require a financial expert.
However, other loss aspects such as loss of support or companionship often rely on the mere fact that someone close to you died as a result of another person’s negligence.

Contact A Tampa Personal Injury Attorney for Help with Your Case

Choosing a lawyer can be difficult, and finding the right lawyer for your case is important. When working with our fearless injury law firm, you can rest assured that a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney will be by your side.
During recovery, you’re likely under a lot of stress, both emotionally and physically. The attorneys at Winters and Yonker are here to help you through your recovery and pursue the compensation for all of your damages.
Contact Winters and Yonker today to schedule a consultation. During that consultation, you can learn more about your case and the damages that are affecting you now.

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