Why It Is Vital to Follow Doctor’s Orders After a Crash

You’re not alone. Most people question doctors’ advice, and many don’t follow it. Of course, the people choosing not to listen to a doctor aren’t doctors, and they don’t have medical degrees. The trouble isn’t the education though, it’s the lack of trust.

Basically, people don’t trust doctors anymore. They assume that they’re getting this assembly line type of medical care. In some cases, that is true, but when you have injuries that aren’t part of day-to-day life, that script changes. Yes, your doctor probably gives you the same physical as everyone, but injuries are completely different.

If you’ve been injured in a collision, ignoring a doctor’s orders could affect the compensation your Tampa car crash attorney will be able to recover.

Tampa Car Crash Injuries and Recovery

Tampa, and the rest of Florida, work on a miraculous no-fault basis. While it’s great that you’re not wasting time worrying about who did what, you do need to closely follow all medical advice. When you don’t follow your doctor’s orders after a wreck, you run the risk of breaching the contract.

Basically, your doctor may tell you to go to physical therapy, and if you don’t go, then you’re not complying with the terms of your insurance coverage. Often policies for PIP or Personal Injury Protection will demand that the victim or covered individual follow up on all doctor’s orders. If not, then they may forfeit coverage.

Now, there are some exceptions when it comes to crash recovery. For example, if you’re seeking a second opinion, then you’re not disobeying one doctor, you’re seeking help from someone else. Additionally, if you’re in crash recovery and receive conflicting advice from a physical therapist, doctor, and occupational therapist, you clearly can’t do what everyone says.

However, when you look at the guidelines on PIP termination policies, they should only cancel coverage under certain circumstances. Not listening to a medical professional isn’t one of those reasons. In fact, you should have coverage no matter what unless you, stop paying, have your license revoked, or there is evidence of fraud on your application.

The Critical Nature of Doctor’s Orders

Doctors don’t usually give orders lightly. When they tell you to go home and rest, they mean it. When they say, rotate ice and heat, and keep your ankle elevated, they mean it. Now, these might seem like simple orders that are perfunctory, but they have good reason to give this type of advice. RICE methods and rest, in general, are often the only way to ease the pain and trauma of soft-tissue damage.

Additionally, if they assign you occupational therapy or physical therapy, then you need to follow through. If you don’t, it’s likely that you’ll never fully recover. For some injuries such as a bone breaking or tendon stretching, it may be that you never regain full movement either. Imagine if you had to go the rest of your life not being able to lift your arm over your head because you didn’t go to physical therapy. It sounds extreme, but it’s not.

Physical therapy, rest, and other doctor’s orders all play a key role in recovery. But, if you’re not sure about your doctor’s advice, get a second opinion. Depending on the doctor, they may provide a different course of treatment of suggestions on how to handle your injuries.

Find Help At Winters & Yonker With a Tampa Car Crash Attorney

When looking for the right Tampa car crash law firm, you’ll want someone who knows the system inside and out. Because PIP runs the show here, you’ll have to prove that you did everything possible to keep up with your contract and your side of the deal. Basically, if you blow off a doctor, you might be blowing off your entire compensation check.

Don’t get caught in the semantics of crash resolution, follow your doctor’s orders to a T. Then make sure that you regularly speak with your attorney to determine how your medical team is affecting your case. At Winters & Yonker, you can rely on support and guidance, but that doesn’t mean that you can deviate from medical orders.

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