How to Handle A Wreck With An Automated Car

How to Handle A Wreck With An Automated Car | Car Accident Attorney

An auto accident lawyer in Florida is critical for these cases and are ready to handle a wreck with an automated car. Not only are you up against a major company, but you are likely going to be fighting a team of high-powered attorneys. Get a lawyer on your side and start fighting for the compensation that you deserve.

Florida History with Automated Cars

In 2016 Florida became the first state to have a death in an auto accident due to an automated vehicle. Car wrecks happen all the time, and people die in crashes more often than anyone is comfortable with, but automated cars should be above this level.
Florida initiated self-driving cars shortly before the 2016 accident involving a Tesla Model S. There was a driver in the vehicle but the car was in autopilot, or self-driving, mode. The crash involved a tractor-trailer which resulted in the crash and death.
The finding on this case and many other cases involving an automated car? The manufacturer was not at fault. In fact, the 2016 crash case resulted in the “driver” of the Tesla as at-fault as he failed to pay attention to the road.
Tesla protected itself with constant publications announcing that its self-driving mode was not a replacement for human awareness of changing road conditions. What does this mean for the future of automated car crashes?

Identifying Negligence and Malfunction or Defect

When it comes to any crash, there is one primary factor, the duty of care. Duty of care fits into every crash situation, and that includes automatic cars as well. Self-driving cars or cars with a self-driving mode still have a duty of care.
It’s important to identify the difference between negligence or a lack of duty of care and malfunction. With self-driving cars, negligence should be easily visible from the vehicles data and the driver’s recount. For example, a crash in 2018 is still under investigation, although the National Transportation Safety Board reported to the public that the car alerted the driver to take control several times before the crash.
In that example, the driver was clearly in a position to take control and failed to do so, that is negligence. However, if the car failed to act on installed software updates, the case could become a manufacturer defect situation.

A Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer Can Initiate Contact for You

If you were hit by an automated car or a car operating on autopilot during the crash, you will need to tread carefully. Legal waters in this field are murky and not easy to navigate. Do not talk with the other driver’s insurance company and do not provide any information to any company that approaches you.
Provide only the necessary information to your insurance company and ask to provide a statement in writing when you are comfortable. Most car insurance companies will provide a set window for you to submit your statement.
Rely on a car wreck lawyer to help you be cautious in who you speak to but ensure that you’re compliant in all necessary ways.

When to Contact A Car Accident Attorney in Tampa

Ideally, you’ll contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible after your wreck. By all means, take the necessary steps to notify your insurance and the police. Seek medical attention and take a moment to gather your thoughts.
If you were hit by an automated vehicle, it’s likely that you were the only person taking any evasive action. This often leads to substantial injuries, which often means the need for a heavy-lifting legal team.
Contact an attorney and schedule time to have a real discussion with them. If a lawyer makes you feel rushed into a contract, you might need to take a step back and consider alternative options. Make sure that your lawyer will have your best interest in mind from start to finish.

Contact an Automated Car Accident Attorney Now

When handling the process of a claim, it’s easy to let it go through the standard insurance process. But what happens where there is no driver to exchange information with? Or when your police report only has your version of events? It’s hard to prove your point to an insurance rep when there’s no one there to give a complete interpretation of what happened.
Call the law offices of Winters and Yonker for support from a local Tampa car accident attorney. Not many attorneys have experience in handling automated car accidents. With years of experience standing up to large companies and multiple insurance carriers, Winters and Yonkers take on these cases with confidence.

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