How to Handle Wrecks with Friends, Family and More

How to Handle Wrecks with Friends and Family | Auto Accident Lawyer

Friends, family members, and roommates can all be forgotten factors of your most recent car wreck. Determining liability, collecting witness statements and even recovery are complex when considering the people around you. Tampa Bay car wreck attorneys know that you aren’t the only person involved in your auto wreck case, they know how to handle wrecks with friends. You could have experienced an injury with a friend driving, or someone else could have been hurt while driving your car.
These issues are not easy to resolve. Often insurance companies are quick to shut down cases that involve friends, family or housemates in an effort to reduce fraud. But more often than not, these are not fraudulent claims.


Liability often uncovers the same way regardless of the persons involved. The only additional factor to consider is the location. For example, if the car wreck took place in your driveway, liability may not even matter. The insurance company may simply refuse to pay out because of the location.
However, if you and a friend were in a crash while one was following the other to a location, it’s a different story. General liability will look at who was most likely in violation of basic traffic laws.

Florida’s No-Fault System

Crashes on Private Property

Any crash taking place, not on a public road or highway is on private property. These instances can quickly become complicated. These situations often include family and friends, or even roommates.
If anyone was hurt during the wreck, seek medical help immediately. Worry about aspects like insurance, and the car damages later. Then report the crash to the local police department. Filing a police report is crucial. The police may come out and take witness statements and make their own observations. Inform the police that the wreck took place between relatives or housemates.
A police report may show a record of negligence or help to prove liability.

Borrowed Cars

Most car insurance companies cover the car and will follow the car if someone takes it without your permission. Does that mean that you need to list all of your roommates or family members on your police?
Usually, a car insurance policy expects the policyholder to list everyone who might drive the vehicle. The insurance company might assume that anyone living at your house will have access to the vehicle. Even if those people don’t usually drive it.
If a friend borrowed your car and they weren’t listed on your insurance plan, and got in an wreck you’ll need help. A borrowed car should still be covered. But that doesn’t mean that your insurance holder won’t put up a fight.
There are also extra fees and fines that can come with lending your car to an uninsured driver. Anyone who knows how to drive can borrow your car. But your policy probably has a number of restrictions that could put you at financial risk for lending it to the wrong person.
If you believe this is the case, then you shouldn’t be left with the bill. Get help from an auto accident lawyer. In Tampa, you can help show your case and explain how the crash took place.

An Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help

A family member or friend borrowing your car should have coverage under your insurance because your car is covered. However, fighting an insurance company can be a hassle and last for years. For anyone injured in that wreck or to recover from your own injuries, you should worry about dealing with an unhappy insurance company.
An attorney can be a valuable resource in getting your car insurance company to cover everything they should.

Schedule a Consultation with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Florida

Regardless of your particular situation, who you were in the wreck with shouldn’t impact the outcome of your issue. You were in a car crash and may have sustained injuries. You may have lost days of work, and incurred a substantial amount of debt in medical bills. Also, you might have costly repairs to make to your car.
A single car wreck can change many lives, especially when it involves people within a tight-knit circle. Don’t let an insurance company get away with pushing off the expenses onto you.
Call an auto accident lawyer at Winters and Yonker to schedule your consultation right away. They can help you understand your situation and what loopholes your insurance company might use to get out of paying. It is in your best interest to get legal help before this issue gets out of hand.

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