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If you have been hurt by someone else’s careless or negligent actions, you may be entitled to compensation. A Florida personal injury lawsuit can help you collect the money you deserve for medical bills, pain and suffering, property loss and other costs. The process is not easy, though. Dealing with insurance companies and gathering the necessary evidence to show what you are owed takes time. Without an experienced Florida personal injury attorney, you may be unable to get full compensation.

At Winters & Yonker, P.A., our lawyers offer the skill, experience and tenacity to protect you. Our goal is to help injury victims and their families in and out of the courtroom. We have the resources and knowledge to aggressively defend your interests after an accident. To learn more about us or about the tools you need to pursue a Florida personal injury claim, look through the links below.

What Is Distracting To Drivers?

July 8, 2016
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Technology is to blame. The rise of texting is why countless drivers can be seen wandering across lanes and making bad decisions. That is certainly the conclusion that many people would reach based on legislation aimed at reducing distracted driving. The truth is that distracted driving existed long before the…