Blockage: Fatal Accident on Buckingham Road

fatal accident on Buckingham Road

The Florida Highway Patrol responded to a fatal accident on Buckingham Road in Buckingham on Tuesday; the soldiers were rushing to the accident scene in which one person was dead. The crash took place at 6200 blocks on Buckingham Road, south of Orange River Road. There was road blocking on Buckingham Road from Orange River Road to Park Road and the drivers were asked to drive as slow as possible.  The police haven’t released any further info about the fatal accident on Buckingham Road.

There are many reasons for an accident such as speeding, drinking and driving, distraction, road hazard and so on. No matter how the accident happened, if a life is lost it’s a tragedy that can’t be repaired. When you lose someone in a car accident it’s natural to feel angry, sad and heartbroken. However, no matter the feelings, you have to remain with a clear head and seek legal assistance.

If it’s clear that the other party was responsible for the death of your loved one, hire a car accident attorney who will help you file a lawsuit and get a compensation claim that will cover your expenses. If the victim spent some time in the hospital, you’ll have to deal with the medical bills. Besides that, there will be funeral and burial expenses, damaged vehicle, legal fees, and other accident-related costs.

Let’s not forget about continuing the life without this person; the family will need finances to stand back on their feet. Your attorney will help you with everything and will be your guide in moments when you won’t be able to think clearly. Our team at Winters & Yonker is here to help you and review your case. Allow us to stand by your side and help you get the compensation claim you need; call our office and schedule your meeting.

Source: https://floridanewstimes.com/road-blockage-due-to-fatal-accident-on-buckingham-road/275541/

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