First Responders And Proper Advice On Medical Care

Medical Care After a Car Accident

Emergency medical response, an ambulance, paramedics, and the many other first responders can change the fate of a person’s life. However, many civilians find themselves at odds with the suggestions or advice of first responders. It’s understandable that people in accidents are shaken, they probably don’t want to be told what to do, and many deny that their injuries are serious. The issue is that these first responders go through extensive medical training and emergency training. They know how to respond best, use their judgment, and balance risk with the likelihood of a positive outcome while administering medical care after a car accident.

Do You Have to Listen to First Responders?

There are times when you must do what a first responder asks. While a doctor may suggest a procedure that you can deny, they also have the chance to go through numerous waivers and forms that relieves them of liability.

Often on a car accident scene, that is not the case. Paramedics often work privately, meaning that unlike fire department personnel or police officers, they usually aren’t government employees. If you refuse to listen to a first responder, that the company takes on a massive liability, and they don’t want that.

If you are trying to refuse to go to the hospital, they may enlist the help of a police officer. Often first responders will work together to determine if someone is physically capable of driving themselves home. Or, in the event that they want to seek medical care, they may have you call someone for transportation, so you’re not driving yourself.

Are Paramedics Real Medical Professionals?

Yes, paramedics are specially trained professionals who are qualified to deliver healthcare outside of a hospital or clinic. That means they may work in an emergency on nearly any capacity. They can do everything from a tracheotomy to delivering a baby, and much more besides.

One step down from a paramedic is an EMT. EMTs or Emergency Medical Technicians are undergoing training, and they’re in an entry-level position. They’re still medically trained and have the skills necessary to react in life-threatening circumstances. Many medical professionals begin as EMTs and then work in an emergency response capacity while they continue their education.

What If You Don’t Want to Go to the Hospital?

You should never avoid medical treatment, even if you believe you’re looking out for your financial future, your health is more important. A paramedic or EMT may declare that you’re not in a fit state to make such a decision. You may be too injured to refuse to go to a hospital, although you can still retain the right to refuse certain treatments.

You can sign a refusal form if you fit certain criteria, such as being responsive, alert, and aware of your surroundings.

What to Know About Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

Refusing to accept medical treatment can impact your insurance claim. Even though Florida relies on a PIP insurance system for car accidents, they will still want to see why you refused to get treatment. They may question if you had drugs or alcohol in your system that you didn’t want anyone to know about. Or, if your injuries were part of a larger concern.

But, ultimately, your insurance claim should cover your medical costs for injuries sustained during an accident. That includes ambulance rides and emergency room visits. You should never refuse medical care after a car accident. That means even if you don’t have insurance, or if you don’t have money to cover your copays.

When you make your insurance claim, you should include all expenses, including out of pocket expenses such as copays. That is if your insurance policy did go through to cover part of the bill. There is this false assumption that any medical care will send people into bankruptcy, and that’s just not true.

Do You Even Need a Tampa Car Accident Lawyer?

You probably will need a Tampa car wreck attorney if you refused medical care after a car accident. Refusing medical services does not mean you can’t file a claim if you later realized that you did need treatment for your injuries. But your insurance will put up a substantial fight to not make a payout for medical treatments. An attorney can take the reins on providing that you did feel fine immediately after the crash, and that changed later.

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