Florida Car Accidents with Manufacturer Defects

Florida Car Accidents

Florida car accidents are drastically different than car wrecks anywhere else in the country. Not only are you looking at dealing with PIP and learning how much your car insurance company won’t cover. But, you have the other element here of a manufacturer defect. It’s possible that you received a recall notice, or very likely that you didn’t. Most people only learn about manufacturer defects after they’ve experienced issues with their vehicles, or even a crash.

To get full control of your crash, and manage the resolution you need to cover your medical expenses, employ a Tampa, Florida automobile accident lawyer. Without proper legal support, you may never see the full compensation that your insurance company should pay out. Additionally, you may miss out on the chance to hold the vehicle manufacturer responsible too.

Florida’s PIP Insurance System

Florida operates on a pretty unique PIP or personal injury protection system. Basically, the fault doesn’t matter in this state. Although people certainly care about who was at fault. When it comes to managing your claim, you won’t have to worry too much about it.

The fault of a driver only comes up when you have extensive damage or egregious situations. That means that for the most part, you’ll only have to submit your claim, argue for a fair settlement.

Instead, what happens is that your personal injury protection plan will protect you. Or at least that is what insurance companies lead their customers to think.

Manufacturer Defects and Product Liability

Car accidents and liability for a product don’t intersect often. But looking back, you will likely remember key cases that grabbed National news. The Firestone tire case and other major recalls have led people to seek compensation for their damages from the manufacturer.

Contacting a Car Accident Attorney Over a Manufacturing Problem

You’ll really need to speak to a car accident attorney before anyone else. You were in an auto collision, and you need to resolve this issue first. You have to report Florida car accidents; to move forward without reporting the crash to your insurance policy provider would be nearly impossible.

With any legal problem, it’s vital that you follow all the right steps. That means starting with the insurance matter for your car accident.

Will There Be Two Separate Cases?

Quite possibly, it’s looking like you will have two cases. You will still need to file your claim. However, you may also need to evaluate the possibility of a product defect case. Vehicle manufacturers, however, go to great lengths to scoff these cases.

Unless you can outright prove that the accident only happened because of the crash, you’ll have a hard time. It’s no small feat to take on a huge vehicle manufacturer. You may be lucky to find one attorney. However, it’s more likely that you’ll want a specialized attorney. You will need one attorney who knows how to handle car accident negotiations and cases. Then a separate attorney that handles product liability claims.

However, one case may very well help the next. For example, if you filled your car ancient claim and the insurance provider decided not to up your rate because the crash was due to vehicle malfunction. If you were driving down the highway and your clutch locked, and then you were in a wreck, that’s not your fault. It’s tricky because even with Florida’s no-fault rule, the fault does play a role. Your insurance company won’t raise your rates after every single crash. And proving that your insurance company believes the crash occurred because of mechanical failure can help support your claim for a product defect claim.

Should You Get Help From an Attorney that Handles Florida Car Accidents?

Lawyers that deal with Florida car accidents are quick to acknowledge Florida’s no-fault system. Few will happily take on car accident cases unless there is obvious neglect. Whenever your crash is clearly the fault of someone else or even the manufacturer, you may have more choices than simply going through your own insurance. In fact, even if you’re just looking to go through your insurance, then you can still cover the basics with the help of an attorney.

At our Florida automobile accident law firm, you can find guidance and support from a qualified and well-experienced car accident attorney. Not only can you get help in negotiating with your car insurance provider, but there’s more. You can get all the support necessary in getting the maximum compensation available, while also learning about how the manufacturer was clearly negligent. Call Winters & Yonker for all the legal guidance you need in a Florida car accident resolution.

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