Forgotten Or Passed Over In Seeking Medical Care After A Car Crash

Medical Care After A Car Crash

Were there deaths at the scene or injuries that required emergency medical treatment, and you sat there waiting? Maybe the medical professionals checked you out, and then you failed to follow up on the treatment. What happens when there are gaps in your medical care after a car crash, and what can you do about it?

Medical Care From First Responders After a Car Crash

First responders don’t just go through extensive training for various emergency situations. They also have checklists and procedures in place that make sure the right people are seen and sent to the right place. Fire department personnel, police officers, and emergency medical response teams will identify the situation upon arrival. But, before they get there, they are already given details about the crash and the victims.

When someone calls 911, the operator will almost always keep them on the phone to get real-time details on injuries, changing medical conditions, and even the traffic in the area. Florida uses the Traffic Incident Management Tool known as National Unified Goal (NUG) to provide clear communication methods and collaboration between first responders.

As they arrive on the scene, you should expect a flurry of well-organized activity. Usually, the fire department or nearby police officers are the first on the scene. They may try to make preliminary medical assessments, such as whether it is safe to remove people from a vehicle, or if moving someone is an option at all. In some cases where there seems to be an imminent danger, they will act based on their judgment.

As medical response arrives, they will often try to determine what is life-threatening and what is not. That is how they will move through people, call for airlift support, or decide which hospitals to route victims too.

When Medical Professionals Just Don’t Listen?

It’s uncommon for medical professionals on a crash site not to encourage someone to seek out medical care. Usually, as a precaution, they will at least encourage people to see their doctor in the following days, and still have them sign a refusal form.

Now, if you left the scene or refused medical treatment, that is very different than being passed over. Signing a refusal puts the responsibility for seeking medical care on you.

But, if you did advise them that you have injuries or pains and they did not acknowledge it, they may have had good reason to downplay your concerns. Many car accidents will come with invisible injuries. Some of these injuries may not show any medical symptoms or positive test results for weeks or months after the crash. Invisible injuries can change people’s lives, but it can lead to months of frustrating medical battles as well.

Do You Need an Injury Attorney or an Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa?

If you feel that medical personnel didn’t act correctly or that they weren’t attentive, then you do need an attorney. It’s likely that the medical professionals did everything by the book and that you don’t have a medical malpractice case. You likely experienced an invisible injury that would cause medical professionals to believe that you were okay wholly.

An auto accident attorney from Tampa can help you pull together evidence and understand why the medical professionals took certain actions. It may also reveal that at some point, you became responsible for your medical care after a car crash and find out more information.

Tampa, Florida Car Accident Lawyers Can Provide Insight for Your Claim

Because Florida relies on submitting claims for your injuries through your own insurance, it is easier to control the flow and timeline of the claim. As your injuries become apparent, you can submit the evidence. However, you may need the help of additional medical experts to explain why your prior medical records didn’t show any indication of an injury.

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Winters & Yonker have worked with victims for many years. We’re very familiar with the nuances of combing in car insurance with medical staff and understanding the overlap between the two. Medical staff and first responders will often do the best to their ability. But there may have been factors that impacted your physical recovery, such as delayed treatment or attention at the scene.

Tampa personal injury attorneys are available for victims to do battle against their insurance companies. Usually, after a cleared bill of health, they will argue wholeheartedly that they don’t owe you anything for medical coverage. Fight against that stance with a top-notch legal team.

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