Getting an Early Start on Holiday Charity Work

Winters and Yonkers Charity Work

At Winters & Yonker, we aren’t just committed to providing our clients with the best legal advice. We’re also an active part of our community. To help enrich and support our community, we partner with different nonprofits in Tampa throughout the year to provide assistance to people in need through charity work.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re busy helping ensure more Tampa residents are able to enjoy a nice meal.

Winters and Yonkers Charity Work

Feeding Families with Metropolitan Ministries

Last year, Winters & Yonker partnered with Metropolitan Ministries to help feed the community. Metropolitan Ministries serves poor and homeless families in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Polk counties. Their mission is one of hope and we believe that’s something we call get behind.

Metropolitan Ministries does great work in Tampa. Their charity work includes providing hot meals to hungry families and compassionately sheltering those in need of transitional housing. In addition, the nonprofit organization also provides educational opportunities to the community, with a focus on life skills and early education.

We were honored to partner with Metropolitan Ministries last year and proud of how our staff personally donated over a thousand pounds of food to nurture hungry families. The firm was thankful to be able to donate over 400 turkeys and feed 400 families.

This year, we’re currently handing out turkeys and hoping to reach even more families. Staff have already purchased hundreds of turkeys to distribute and are currently helping Metropolitan Ministries hand them out. It’s a big undertaking and we’re glad to be a part of it.

If you haven’t already heard of Metropolitan Ministries, visit their website to learn more about the amazing work they’re doing in our community. We know they’d love to hear from other Tampanians interested in spreading their mission of hope.

Upcoming: Mission Gift-Possible

Once we’re finished dispersing turkeys throughout Tampa, we’ll be turning our focus to toys and the holiday season. There’s nothing quite like the joy in a child’s eyes when they receive a gift. That’s a joy we’d like more children to experience.

Our amazing staff has consistently shown us their commitment to the community and we’re proud to work with them to provide toys for children of all ages. In addition to the generous personal donations from our staff, the firm will be matching all contributions to double the presents and ensure every child has something new to open on Christmas morning.

Our community is important. It’s what makes Tampa the vibrant, thriving city that it is. And to keep it that way, we understand that it takes all of us working together to support and nurture all of its residents. We are honored to be serving this community in whatever way we can and look forward to finding more opportunities to help those in need.

Encouraging Charity Work

Our charity work has shown us how a worthy cause can unite a team to do amazing things. We hope you consider joining or giving to a worthy cause this holiday season if you’re able. The benefits of charity work will always far outweigh the costs.

We work hard every day to support and fight for our clients and their right to compensation. That same drive to help those who are injured or harmed compels us to remain engaged in our community.

If you know of a worthy cause you believe we may be interested in, let us know. We’ll continue to share our experiences in the community and hopefully, we’ll see out there volunteering, too.

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