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Being one of the most painful injuries a person can sustain, burns do often demand extensive hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, and prevention of secondary illnesses. As such, burn recovery may take years. Do not allow yourself to suffer in silence if you are a fire-related accident. You have the right to seek compensation against a negligent party who caused burn injuries. Furthermore, you do not face any insurance provider on your own without backup.

It is wise to trust a highly skilled and experienced Gibsonton burn injury lawyer at Winters & Yonker P.A. We are a trusted personal injury firm and have handled countless cases throughout Florida. We offer personalized services and ensure burn victims have received the amount of compensation they fully deserve.

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Which Types Of Compensations Are Available To Burn Victims?

Compensation covers different areas of losses. The losses might be economic (calculate), non-economic (cannot be calculated), or punitive (compensation as a punishment). Anyone who causes harm due to negligence is obligated to compensate victims for their losses financially. Compensation examples include:

Medical Expenses

This is an excellent example of economic losses because it can be calculated. Because burns demand a lot of treatment, medical expenses might be high. In fact, a burn victim may be required to pay hundreds of thousands within a few days after the injuries. Let’s not forget that burn injuries may demand years of treatments, which will surely increase the amount used in medical bills.

Pain And Suffering

This is an excellent example of non-economic loss since there is no way to calculate suffering and pain. As such, it is one of the most significant components of a personal injury claim. Because suffering and pain suffered is subjective, it can be a challenge to assign a monetary value. Insurance adjusters are trained to perform simple calculations based on medical bills and reports.

The sad truth is that it does not account for the unique nature of pain or any factor that may worsen a victim’s level of pain like surgery, pregnancy, and much more. Remember, burns are excruciating and, in most cases, demand pain management services and medication.

Lost Wages

After a victim has been injured, his/her ability to go to work or earn an income will be affected. This is where lost wage income comes into play. It is designed to compensate a person for all lost wages, which is calculated based on past salaries. It does also include work-related bonuses, profit share, and any other performance incentive. Lost income does also apply to any future lost income. For example, if a person’s burn injuries are severe to a point where they are unable to work in the future, lost wage compensation will cover possible future lost incomes.

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Property Damage

Almost all fire-related accidents go hand in hand with property damage. For example, a car accident that has resulted in a fire. House fire-related accidents will most likely result in furniture damage. These are just but a few examples. Nonetheless, as long as there is property damage, the victim is subject to receive compensation, no matter the kind of property it may be.

Punitive Damages

This is a type of compensation that is awarded to a victim, intended to teach the at-fault party a lesson. Remember, compensation claims are not criminal cases, and as such, the at-fault party will not go to jail. This is why punitive compensation is used as a substitute.

Who Can Be Held Responsible For a Burn Injury?

Legally, the person liable for your injuries is obligated to compensate you. However, it may be a challenge to identify the person or company. For example, in case of a car accident, which has resulted in a fire, the attorney will investigate to determine the at-fault driver. The other option is apportioning fault among multiple drivers.

When it comes to home-setting, it can be a challenge to establish who was at fault. Chemical burns are also more complicated. In case of a public swimming pool that has too much chlorine and results in eye irritation, skin irritation, or other illnesses, fault will be placed on the company running the pool. In a nutshell, responsibility is assigned to a person or agency responsible for maintaining or undertaking a specified area or action. However, before assigning fault, investigations must be conducted.

Well, the good news is that a victim with burn injuries will not have to undertake complicated legal complexities on their own. They need the services of an experienced lawyer who can collect proof and help identify the party or person responsible for causing harm. They also help victims identify which insurance provider will have to compensate the victim for the losses. Furthermore, because an attorney knows the regulations to follow, investigating, identifying the at-fault party, and filling a claim comes naturally to them.

Without a skilled and experienced professional lawyer at your side, your chances of receiving compensation decrease substantially. In fact, your chances of being denied are equally high. A Gibsonton, Florida lawyer has access to specific information and methods to which it will help ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Allow our legal team to work on your case so that you can focus on recovery.

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It does not matter if your injuries were as a result of a car accident, handling dangerous products or chemicals, workplace accident, or any other related incident; you will need the services of a skilled attorney by your side to make your claims stronger. A professional personal injury lawyer will defend your rights aggressively and intelligently with the aim of ensuring you get what you rightfully deserve.

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