How Can You Help Your Child Avoid Personal Injury Accidents

Personal Injury Accidents

Along with teaching them how to walk, talk, read, and share, we must teach our children to stay safe. That means staying safe and avoiding injury whenever possible, even when we’re not around. The result is often years and years of talks and practice in controlled or real-life settings. But where can you start? There are plenty of situations that could lead to personal injury accidents, and you can help your child avoid many of them. Not only in childhood but far into adulthood. Every one of these lessons is valuable and can even help save a child’s life when they stick to the lessons and practice them.

However, if your child does get injured, you should contact an attorney that handles child personal injury accidents.

Stop and Look

Of course, many parents go through the “stop and look” lesson, but honestly, it can save lives. Teach your child to never dart out into a road, to always stop and look. But they should practice this when getting off the school bus, and even when walking in parking lots. Taking the time to stop and look can help ensure that there’s no one trying to back out of a parking space. Or, that there’s not someone on an e-scooter jetting down a sidewalk.

The stop and look lesson feed into developing awareness. When someone feeds this lesson and fosters its development, you can create a more conscientious child. They will become more aware of cracks in sidewalks, chips in stairs, and cars.

Don’t Approach Strange Animals

Children love the new and novel, and it’s hard to quell that natural curiosity. Teaching children to ask for permission before petting someone’s animal can help them explore curiosity without unknowingly interacting with a dangerous animal. Many people still take out their animals for walks or to play in parks knowing that they don’t do well with children. People without children often see it as not their problem.

Encouraging your child to ask for permission for touching an animal can call attention to them interacting with otherwise dangerous creatures. People keep strange pets and walking home from school a kid could easily become tempted to reach through a pet a pig, or other unconventional pet.

Always Use the Sidewalk

Using the sidewalk is a big one for a few reasons. First, it takes you straight to crosswalks. Second, it keeps kids out of the roads, but finally, it makes them easy to see. E-scooters and bikes have become such a craze, and many kids have been hurt over the last few months.

When kids stay on the sidewalk, everyone can clearly see them. That could mean that they see the cracked bit of cement and avoid tripping. Or that scooter riders see them and avoid crashing into the child.

Of course, keeping your kid on the sidewalk can seem like an overwhelming struggle. Your kid wants to run and play, so you might make a few rules. Explain that if there are cars or scooters nearby then they must stay on the sidewalk. Then at the park, they can run free.

Don’t Walk Distracted

Even if your kid doesn’t have a phone they may have headphones in, be looking at you, or just not paying attention. But, so many people get in accidents from distracted walking. Looking at the phone is definitely the worst case while walking.

But, you want to carefully consider the other distractions which start the bad habit of just not paying attention to their surroundings. Don’t let your kid wear headphones when they are walking alone or walking where you can’t quickly intervene.

Winters & Yonker Helps Victims of Personal Injury Accidents

Although you can prepare your child for the many dangers in the world, accidents still happen. It’s a struggle that many people attempt to overcome, but there will always be cracked ledges, debris to trip over, and more. Accidents certainly happen, but when they happen to your child, you clearly want to hold someone responsible. Especially if you’ve gone through all the trouble of teaching your child how to avoid personal injury accidents whenever possible.

For personal injury cases, especially those involving children, you need an attorney. The right attorney should not only help you identify who to file the claim against but everything after that as well. They should lay out the insurance that should kick in to cover your damages and medical debt. But that attorney should also serve to work with any investigation, experts, or even conduct an investigation—Call Winters & Yonker, your local personal injury law firm, right here in Tampa.

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