Winters & Yonker Seeking Skilled Tampa Legal Assistant

Winters & Yonker Tampa Legal Assistant Position

Many of the lawyers at Winters & Yonker knew they wanted to be lawyers when they grew up. They found the legal field exciting and understood how knowledge of the law could allow them to help people. Not everyone that enjoys legal field is a lawyer, though. There are numerous ways individuals interested in a legal career can get involved in a professional capacity.
Two popular positions for those who do not want to become lawyers are those of the legal assistant and the paralegal. Why do we mention this? Well, we’re looking for a top-notch legal assistant in the Tampa, Florida, area. If you’re interested, be sure to apply on Monster.com.
Winters & Yonker Tampa Legal Assistant Position

Legal Assistant

The legal assistant is an invaluable part of a legal team. A good legal assistant helps establish office procedures and routines and ensures that the firm is in compliance with legal procedures. It’s a big task, but one that is perfect for those who enjoy the business side of running a law firm.
Legal assistants are often tasked with preparing correspondence and legal documents, as well as scheduling appointments, meetings, and conferences. They must be comfortable using a computer and must be well organized. In addition, just like all individuals in legal fields, legal assistants must be able to properly and discreetly handle confidential materials. This cannot be overstated.
Winters & Yonker is currently seeking an experienced Legal Assistant for our office in Tampa, FL. Because the legal assistant is a vital role that helps keep the firm on track, we’re looking for someone with excellent communications skills who works well with others.
Becoming a legal assistant does not require any specialized training or testing, however, it does require an ability to learn appropriate procedures and implement processes to help ensure the firm is compliant and efficient.


You’ve likely seen a commercial or two advertising paralegal certificate or degree programs, but what exactly do they do? Paralegals are tasked with helping lawyers prepare their cases. They may perform research, interview witnesses, or draft document. Everything a paralegal does is to support the lawyers they work with and to help flesh out the cases.
Paralegals are detail-oriented individuals who may have had experience within a firm as a legal assistant or secretary in the past. It is a more “behind the scenes” position than that of a lawyer, though it may require working with clients and witnesses to prepare them for trial or to gather information.

Finding a Job in the Legal Field

Anyone looking for a job in the legal field, whether as a legal assistant or a paralegal, should be aware of the responsibility that comes with such a position. Confidential information is frequently handled by most firm employees. Being able to discretely handle this information is imperative. Organizational skills are also a key component of managing multiple cases and files.
Those who know they want to pursue a legal profession should ensure they have the experience and knowledge required for any particular position. Identifying openings in your area is as simple as checking a job website like Monster and browsing by industry (legal services). Listings should clearly outline the requirements and expectations of the positions.
As previously mentioned, we currently have an opening available for a Legal Assistant position and are excited to find a new team member who is interested in helping our clients. Winters & Yonker is a small personal injury law firm that focuses on helping individuals receive the compensation they are due. Our goal is to be a partner to our clients and to fight aggressively on their behalf—having an exceptional Tampa legal assistant in our corner helps us do just that. If you think that may be you, don’t hesitate, apply today!

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