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One of the most painful injuries that an individual can sustain is a burn. Burns often result in extensive hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, as well as secondary illnesses – sometimes lasting several years. If you or a loved one was the victim of a fire-related accident, you have the right under the law to seek compensation from the person that caused the burn injuries.

Never face the insurance companies yourself. Instead, trust the experience of highly skilled Holiday burn injury lawyers at Winters & Yonker. Burn victims trust our expertise and personalized service to ensure that they get the compensation they are entitled to. Our personal injury attorneys also ensure that defendants are held accountable for their negligence so that other innocent victims never have to sustain burn injuries in the future.

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What Type of Compensation Can Burn Injury Victims Receive?

A person that’s legally responsible for your burn injury is also legally obligated to compensate you for your financial losses that may include:

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses for burn injury victims are often significant. Besides emergency surgeries and treatments, the vast majority of victims initially require some hospitalization, which may result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses within just a few days of the injury.

In fact, many burn injury victims require specialized medical treatment for years to come, which includes costly consultations with specialists, cosmetic surgeries, regular check-ups, and many other similar appointments.

Many of the burn injury victims also develop secondary diseases such as respiratory illnesses. Medical expenses may also include rehabilitative services, which include occupational and physical therapies.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are usually the largest components of a personal injury award. Pain, however, is subjective, which means that it can be rather challenging to assign a monetary value to the suffering of an accident victim.

Insurance adjusters have been trained to perform a simple calculation that’s based on the total medical expenses the victim incurred. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t take into account the unique nature of pain or any other circumstances likely to worsen the victim’s pain such as pregnancy or even being unable to tolerate pain medication.

Burns are especially painful injuries and often require pain management services for years to come. Experienced personal injury lawyers, however, will protect your right to compensation for your individual pain and suffering.

Lost Wages

Lost wages occur when the burn injury victim is unable to go to work due to his/her injuries. The time you miss from work results in lost wages whether immediately after the accident happens, sick time for you to recover, or time off for medical appointments.

Lost wages, for an hourly employee, are a simple calculation of the number of hours missed multiplied by the hourly pay of that employee. Salaried employees first determine the hourly rate by prorating their salaries and then perform a similar calculation. Profit-sharing, bonuses, and other performance incentives are also compensable.

Review your claim with our Holiday burn injury lawyers.

It might be challenging to prove definitively the dollar value of such performance incentives, but if there’s documentation available to support the value, and the incentive was lost due to the accident, this can also be included as part of the lost wage compensation that’s awarded.

Lost wages may also result from a reduction in the future earnings potential due to permanent injuries. Severe burn injuries often impair the ability of the victim to engage in gainful employment permanently.

Property Damage

Damage to property is usually incidental to the accident responsible for the burn injuries. For instance, an auto accident that burns the victim is also likely to result in significant vehicle damage. Household accidents that result in burns are likely to ruin furnishings in the house or even the building’s structure.

A burn that’s sustained in a public location can also destroy the victim’s jewelry or clothing. All these losses are subject to compensation by the individual that’s legally responsible for causing the burn injuries.

How Can I Tell Who’s Responsible for the Burn Injuries I Sustained?

The party responsible for your burn injuries is also required by the law to compensate you for the same. It tends to be rather challenging to determine which person, persons, or companies bear the legal responsibility for causing your injuries. In auto accidents, insurance providers will usually determine which drivers were at fault or apportion fault among several drivers and pay for losses accordingly.

It can be far more challenging to determine that the homeowner was negligent when it comes to causing a fire or that the owner of a store subjected his/her clients to an unreasonable risk of sustaining burn injuries.

Chemical burns tend to be even more complicated. If too much chlorine was used in a public pool, patrons may be entitled to compensation for eye damage, irritation, or other illnesses from the agency responsible for running the pool. A laboratory worker that’s accidentally exposed to chemicals in the workplace may be entitled to worker’s compensation coverage.

If an unsuspecting user is burned by a defective consumer product such as a curling iron, the manufacturer may face product liability claims. In each situation, the specific circumstances of an individual case determine who the liable party is.

Fortunately, burn injury victims don’t need to make legal determinations of liability themselves. Experienced burn injury lawyers can help in determining which party or parties are responsible for your injuries as well as what insurance coverage may be available to pay for the losses.

If you don’t have a skilled legal representative on your side to review your case, you cannot be sure that you have secured all the compensation you are entitled to under the law in Holiday, FL. Let our legal team handle your case and focus on your recovery.

Seek Help from Our Trusted Holiday Burn Injury Lawyers

Whether the personal injuries you sustained were caused by a workplace accident, car accident, defective product, or other factors, it can be a good idea to hire an experienced burn injury lawyer to aggressively fight for your right to be compensated for your injuries.

Our highly skilled lawyers, friendly staff, and personalized service will help you through this challenging time. Contact us online or call us at (888) 373-7770 to schedule your free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers today.

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