How Long Does a Car Accident in Tampa, FL Stay on your Record?

car accident in Tampa

Car accidents in Tampa, FL are common. The severity of the accident is highly dependent upon the level of impact during the collision. The aftermath of accidents is devastating. In 2020, approximately 42,060 people lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents. The number of serious accidents is increasing rapidly.

It becomes intimidating not knowing what will happen after you suffer a car accident. Among other questions, you may inquire what will happen to your motor insurance after the accident and for how long your case will remain on your record.

Car accidents in Tampa, FL; Significance of Your Driving Record:

Your driving record is crucial for several reasons. After a car accident in Tampa, FL your driving record will help the insurance provider to evaluate your car insurance rates and the cost of your premium.

Your insurance will cost you more if you have a higher number of accidents and traffic violations registered on your driving record. You may be held in the category of high-risk drivers due to a significant number of violations. In this case, your insurance company will require you to opt for non-standard insurance.

If you have a clean record you may be eligible for discounted rates. Usually, after 3-5 years your violations and accidents are terminated and you get a clean record. Your insurance policy won’t be affected.

How Long a Car Accident Will Be On Your Record? Facts from Tampa Accident Lawyers:

The drivers’ license you hold has a vehicle record or Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). MVR contains all the records for traffic violations including accidents. The time that your car accident in Tampa and violations will remain on MVR depend upon the law of the state and the severity of the accident.

A point system is utilized by several states, the violations add up points in your record. If too many points are accumulated in your record, your license may get suspended. In Florida, you receive 3 points for speeding, traffic signal violation will get you 4 points, and leaving the accident scene without sharing your information will get you 6 points in the record.

If you have 12 points on MVR for violations, your drivers’ license will be suspended for 12 months. For 18 points the suspension period is 18 months and for 24 points your license will remain suspended for 36 months.

Timespan is also an important factor, if you accrued 12 points in 12 months, your license will remain suspended for 20 days. 18 points in 18 months cause penalty for 3 months. Whereas 24 points in 36 months will suspend your license for a year.

How Long the Insurance Will Be Impacted By An Accident?

An accident can impact your insurance rates for a few years after which the record falls off and the insurance company won’t consider it. Often the record of the past 5 years is considered and evaluated by the insurance companies. Some companies only evaluate the driving record for the past 3 years. Your insurance provider might provide you a reward for good driving if there isn’t any record for violations. They may drop the rates for you.

Implications of a No-Fault Accident on Insurance:

Your monthly auto insurance will not be increased if you are not responsible for the car accident in Tampa. This is because the insurance provider of the at-fault driver will cover for medical and other damages. As long as you don’t receive any money from the insurance company for claim proceedings, your insurance rate will not be changed.

Your insurance may increase up to 10% after a no-fault accident if you have a record of accidents. If your insurance rate increases, there are ways to manage it. You may choose the bundling option for insurance policies. This will provide you incentive. You will be able to save money through discounts.

Another way to lower your monthly insurance payment is by raising deductibles. If you are not satisfied with these offerings, at any time you may look for a better policy from another insurance provider. Knowing about the details regarding the time for a car accident to remain in record and the impact on insurance payments saves you money and time.

Get in Touch with an Attorney for a Car Accident in Tampa:

After a car accident in Tampa, FL you may feel terrified and worried. To know your legal options, you should immediately get in touch with a professional car accident attorney. Struggling through the process alone becomes stressful. Our experienced attorneys have years of experience in this field.

Our Tampa accident lawyers are here to fulfill your legal needs by thoroughly looking into your case and help you in obtaining the claim you deserve.

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