How to Handle a Bicycle Hit and Skip

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In 2018 the Orlando Sentinel declared that Florida was a killing field for cyclists, and in the following year, the Orlando weekly identified that Florida hadn’t changed. In 2019 Florida contained the most bicycle-related deaths in the nation. Now, this could be because bicycling is very popular all throughout the state. Tampa and many other Florida communities are easy to navigate on a bicycle. It’s even worth noting that a lot of bicycle accidents are the cyclist’s fault. A recent survey showed that 10% of fatal bicycle accidents in Florida occurred because the biker was difficult to see at night, meaning they didn’t take proper precautions in choosing attire that would make them stand out or having reflectors.

Unfortunately, this huge volume of bicycle accidents happening in Florida and within the Tampa community has also come with a rise in a hit and skip cases. A hit and skip or a hit and run accident can leave a bicyclist in a much worse position than it would leave another motorist. Often the drivers who leave the scene don’t know if the bicyclist is alive or needs medical care. If you’re a victim of a hit and run, contact our Tampa personal injury attorneys today.

Contacting Your PPI Insurance Provider

One of the few times that Florida is no fault policy comes into the benefit of the victim is in a hit and skip situations. Personal injury protection helps to pay for medical bills regardless of whether the other person stopped or not. It can also cover lost wages and additional damages, such as having to pay for childcare or specific help while you’re unable to perform daily duties because of your injuries.

What troubles many people with PIP insurance, however, is that they often still have to pay deductibles, and that is multiple deductibles. You may have to pay deductible for your injuries, or a deductible for your property damage repair.

Compiling Evidence Including Your Police Report

It’s likely that you were in no shape to compile evidence at the crash scene. But there were probably authorities on the scene who gathered evidence, and you can find that in a police report. Local police will often have photographers on-site, and emergency medical services take detailed reports on the injuries they found at the scene. These emergency responders help people not only at the crash site but long after when they are seeking compensation.

While here working with your injuries and trying to recover, you may need to acquire your police report and any evidence they may have gathered at the scene. It’s likely that an officer will be in touch with you because of an outstanding charge against the driver who failed to remain at the scene. That driver may face criminal charges, but you may not have a large or active role to play in those charges.

Working with a Professional to Assess the Damages

As a bicyclist, you may not be sure if you can go to your insurance provider for assistance. Because Florida has personal injury protection insurance, it does not matter that you were not physically in your vehicle for the accident. The only thing that matters was that you had an injury related to a vehicle. That means you can file a claim, but you might not want to take the insurance appraiser’s assessment.

Taking Your Claim Forward Against the Driver

If Tampa police are able to locate the driver who hit you and failed to remain at the scene, then you may have more options. Even with Florida’s no-fault policy, you can take a driver to court if they showed extreme negligence and failing to remain at the scene is certainly negligent.

If this is something you’re interested in, then discuss it with a local attorney. You may need to prepare to interact with the driver’s insurance provider or their team of attorneys.

Find a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

Tampa attorneys will certainly help you move forward with your injury claim. But, they may also urge you to pursue the identity of the driver who hit you. Well, it is possible to recover damages through your PIP insurance policy; you may have more legal options since the driver showed clear negligence. The common belief throughout Florida is that the no-fault accident policy makes it impossible to pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. That is not the case.

Speak with the Tampa personal injury attorneys at Winters Yonkers to understand all of your legal options. Yes, you may need to file for PIP coverage to handle your medical bills and other damages right away. But, if you can identify the driver, you may have additional legal options available. Schedule a consultation and have a chat about your crash, your injuries, and your resolution.

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